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How to Grow Fresh Apples Locally and Make Lots of Money

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Santosh in his apple orchard

Santosh Jadhav, apple grower from Kolhapur, Maharashtra recently released his video on FTB. He owns the brand Siddhi Agrotech. Santosh started planting apple seedlings in his nursery from 2018.

Imported apple plants from Kashmir have been planted successfully in Maharashtra. Kashmir is well known for its variety and quality of apples. There is a big market for these apples in Maharashtra, so he decided to grow apples locally. He showed us his apple saplings and the method with which these are grown. The soil he uses, the manure he uses and how he waters these plants is clearly explained. His seedlings are popular with the farmers and he provides complete guidance, advise and support to these farmers for their apple cultivation. This is one of the many reasons why Siddhi Agrotech is so popular among its customers and the local farmers. Santosh makes apple seedlings from apple seeds imported from Kashmir.  

Fresh apples ready to eat

He showed us his orchard where he grows the fresh and delicious apples. He showed the trees and the apple fruits hanging from their branches. Apples grow from flower to fruit in six months. Apple varieties that grow in Maharashtra are HRMN- 99 and Dorsett Golden among others. Imported Himalayan apples take some time before arriving to Maharashtra, following their harvest and loose some of their freshness.  On the other hand the locally grown apples are available immediately to the farmers, after harvesting. The apples that Santosh grows are excellent in taste.  

Santosh in his nursery with apple saplings

The apple trees bear fruits after 2-3 years of planting.  Each tree gives fruits of 8-9 Kgs per season and through experience you can grow more apples per season. He is able to sell his apples easily, due to high demand in the market and because he produces good quality apples. He grows good quality apples because he works all round the year on his plants, observing, maintaining, managing to make sure that they stay in good condition. Santosh does excellent pest control planning and hence his apples and apple trees are rarely affected by pests.

Santosh Jadhav can be contacted anytime for purchase of apple saplings or apple fruits at 8237772077.

Santosh Jadhav

Santosh Jadhav

Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Siddhi Agrotech

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