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Pig Farming: How to raise pigs, Learn from the Expert

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Pankaj Patil, pig expert and trainer

Pankaj Patil is the owner of brand "Padmavati Agro Farm" based in district Ahmednagar, biggest district in Maharashtra. He recently released his video on FTB.

He has been doing pig farming for last 7 years. He started with 20 pigs and then bred them and they have increased in numbers. He sets target and then works towards it. This business is similar to other animal husbandry businesses like dairy farming with cattle, goat and sheep rearing, chicken farming and so on.  

This is not only something he is interested in but also a commercial business. It takes 8 months to raise the pigs and when they grow and weigh about 200-400 Kgs he sells them to slaughter house at Rs100 per Kg. He sells his pigs in Bombay, Goa, Assam, Bangalore, Karnataka and Kerala which is the biggest market of them all.  

Piglets and pigs in the farm

He received training from an Agro farm in Punjab. They taught him where to get the piglets from, what kind of setup is required, what to feed them. They helped him raise this farm from scratch. Now with 7 years experience he is able to provide you training himself. He bought his first piglets  from Punjab. The breed of pigs he raises is "Large White Yorkshire". He feeds his pigs various grains, waste vegetables, kitchen waste and Clean water. 

In the beginning it was difficult for him as he had difficulty in arranging feed and water. Pig farming called "varah palan" in Marathi is slowly catching up in Maharashtra. There is now good demand for his pigs. Tirupati firm is the name of his second firm.   

Piglets and pigs feeding

He provides training in pig farming in his pig farm. He can teach you how to take care of piglets and about vaccinations for pigs, feed formulation, how to succeed. For training he has a special shed for demonstrations. He even shows students what kind of setup is required for raising pigs. Students come from all over Maharashtra, from cities like Aurangabad, Chandrapur, Jalgaon, Sholapur, Galna and others. To raise good pigs you need to feed them well, you need to have a good feeding plan. You can start with small investments of 1-2 Lacs and can start earning 10-12 Lacs within a year. You should have a proper maintenance and management plan for your pig farm. You can buy piglets cheap, grow them and sell them at good rates. He has so far set up about 200 farms in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and  Gujarat. He is a consultant for other breeds of pigs like Duroc pig, Hampshire pig and  Landrace pig. 

In the end he gives his contact number (8888873873). You can contact him to register for the pig farming course, which is mandatory before starting a course and he will provide all the information, about how to proceed, to you. 

Pankaj Patil

Pankaj Patil

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Padmavati Agro Farm

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