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5 Unknown Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Fresh Tomatoes

Tomato, controversial for being a fruit or vegetable, has long been part of Indian as well as international cuisines. So common, that sometimes we forget their health benefits which are so many that really surprises us.

1. Protection from dreadful diseases:

The Lycopene present in tomatoes is known to prevent prostate tumours. Epidemiologists recommend the consumption of tomatoes as it helps lower the possibility of prostate cancer.

The high fibre content present in tomatoes, that to when consumed in a raw form is known to bring down the risk of colorectal cancer. It is also a rich source of vitamin C.

Potassium content in tomatoes helps to control blood pressure. The fibre, potassium, vitamin C and choline content in tomatoes all bolster the heart’s well-being. Tomatoes additionally contain folic corrosive, which keeps the homocysteine levels under control.

Tomatoes help bring down the blood sugar level in people with type1 diabetes. Fibre present in tomato relieves constipation and helps in proper bowel movement. 

2. Eye health:

Tomatoes are good for your eyes since they contain vitamin A. Your retinas, the thin, nerve-rich tissue at the back of your eyes, rely on vitamin A to function properly. Vitamin A is essential to the light cycle, which is the mechanism through which your retinas sense light and transfer visual information to your brain.

3. Skin:

Tomatoes are high in antioxidants, especially vitamin C; hence, eating tomatoes may help reduce the quantity of cell-damaging free radicals in the body, giving you younger-looking skin. Tomatoes counteract cellular damage while also preserving moisture and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Pregnancy:

It is not only safe to consume tomatoes during pregnancy, but it is also a very healthy option for both pregnant women and the fetus inside the mother's womb. One medium-sized tomato has enough vitamin C to meet 40% of your daily requirements.

It also contains 20% of the daily need for vitamin A. It also has iron and calcium in it. All of these nutrients are necessary for the fetus's healthy development. Vitamin C, for example, can assist strengthen immunity, while vitamin A maintains clear vision and iron assures no anemia.

5. Prevent Heart Diseases:

Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that gives them their red color. According to research, eating tomatoes and tomato products is more effective than taking lycopene pills in terms of heart health benefits. Other research has linked increased lycopene levels in the blood to a decreased death rate in persons with metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors that increases the likelihood of developing heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. 

In this way, the tomato has proved to be a very important dietary supplement beneficial for human health and well being.

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