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8 Colorful Sweet Dishes You Must Try This Holi

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Festival of colors

Holi is an Indian festival of colors. Everyone in our country celebrate Holi with joy, togetherness, and love. And in this festival of colors, try these colorful sweet dishes.

1. Barfi

Small treats made from milk, sugar, groundnuts, and flour. They are cooked until they solidify and are then decorated with dry fruits and cut into pieces.

2. Puran Poli

Puran Poli is a south Indian dish and also very popular in Maharashtra. It is a sweet round bread. It is made from flour and jiggery, and also contains cardamom and nutmeg in it.


3. Kheer

It is a common sweet dessert all Indian households are aware of. It is essentially a rice pudding, cooked with milk and sugar.

Sweet shakarpare

4. Shakkar Pare

Shakkar pare are the most special sweet dish of Holi & Diwali festivals in India. These are the deep fried wheat flour parcels, and then dipped in sugar syrup.

5. Ras malai

This dish is originated from West Bengal. This is a sweet creamed milk with dough balls and dry fruits including pistachio, cashew, and almonds with saffron.


6. Gujiya

Without gujiya, Holi is incomplete. These are the half-moon shaped dumplings deep fried in ghee filled with the mixture of grated and roasted dry-fruits and mava with a hint of suji.


7. Mal puwa

These are somewhat similar to pancakes. Batter is prepared with flour, mava, and milk with the flavour of cardamom and dipped in sugar syrup with saffron.

8. Bhang Thandaai

And last and the most special, Bhaang thandaai. This is mainly consumed in North India, a popular drink with milk, almonds, saffron, sugar, aniseed, and a variety of herbs.

And bhang is added in some regions for the extra effect.

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Happy Holi…!!

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