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8 Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid During Monsoon

rainy season is a plethora of various ailments, infections, seasonal cold and flu. And, most of which happens because we become careless about our health and end up paying dearly for them.

Ayushi Raina
Fruits and Veggies
Fruits and Veggies

Sitting by the window, listening to the rhythm of the rain, the smell of the soil, the cool and pleasant atmosphere, surely awakens several memories of childhood. Although rainy season seems to be the best time of year, it is also a time when we are most likely to get sick.

All our mothers have asked us to take care of our health, don't let our hair wet, wear warm clothes, and to pay attention to your diet during monsoon.

Read this article to understand the common nutrition mistakes we make during monsoon!

Not Having Enough Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are an important source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very helpful for your immunity because it can fight infection, making it the need of the hour. Due to the bitter taste of these fruits, people tend to avoid them during the monsoon, which affects their immunity.

If you don't like to eat citrus fruits as a whole, you can sprinkle lemon on your food or make a good fruit drink for yourself at any time. If you really can't eat citrus, be sure to eat foods like papaya, guava and bell peppers as they are rich sources of vitamin C.

Avoiding Probiotic and Prebiotic foods

Similar to citrus fruits, people often avoid eating probiotic foods such as curd. During the monsoon, you need to make sure to provide your intestines with a satisfying diet, while also taking care of your immunity. Foods like pickled vegetables, buttermilk and curd, help the gut fight germs and other harmful bacteria.

Drinking Refrigerated Cold Water

If you really want to avoid something, it should be water from the refrigerator. Cold water can damage the throat and make it susceptible to infection. If you find it difficult to give up cold water, please use our traditional ghade ka paani instead. Not only does this quench your thirst, it also provides a variety of benefits, from boosting metabolism to balancing hormones to preventing stroke.

Consume hyper-local seasonal foods

The reason why it is important to consume hyper local, seasonal fruits and vegetables is that the benefits can only be achieved when the fruits and vegetables are grown in your area are seasonal. Imported fruits and vegetables are artificially processed and harvested, so they lack the benefit of enhancing immunity.

Over-indulging in Street Foods

Monsoons order fried snacks like pakoras with chai. Fried foods cause bloating and stomach upset. Hence try to avoid them.

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