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9 Tips to Make Your Body Future-Proof

By making a few minor lifestyle adjustments now, you may spend that time living your best life rather than having to struggle with poor mobility or even worse.

Shruti Kandwal
The decisions and actions we make today can support the long-term development of our bodies.
The decisions and actions we make today can support the long-term development of our bodies.

The majority of us don't give middle-aged health much importance, but do you know that making good decisions now can help to protect your body in the future.

Your 40s and 50s are approaching, whether you like it or not. And for some people, it will be an unwanted visitor. Why? This is the precise moment when all of our poor decisions may come back to haunt us. You are aware of things like a few (hundred) late nights, continuous stress, your prior love of adrenaline-inducing activities, and even the fact that on certain weeks, chocolate is basically your best friend.

Thankfully, not all of us are destined to experience aching joints, chronic illness, or even scarier things as we age. However, it is true that as you approach middle age, your past decisions start to catch up with you. By making a few minor lifestyle adjustments now, you may spend that time living your best life rather than having to struggle with poor mobility or even worse.

What does “Future Proof” mean?

The concept of becoming "future proof" in terms of our bodies' long-term health is currently gaining some traction. The basic idea is that the decisions and actions we make today can support the long-term development of our bodies. Think of it as a strategy for staying ahead of the curve.

Future-proofing is all about living your best, healthiest life right now, rather than abruptly turning 180 degrees if we've been given a scary diagnosis or a chronic illness.

So how can your body be future-proofed? Here are 9 methods to give your body the daily love it needs in order to avoid future health issues.

9 ways you can start Future-Proofing your body now

1. Eat Whole

It seems really straightforward at first. However, food is the firm basis upon which every healthy body is built. Eating a variety of whole foods creates a foundation for a body that functions well and an immune system that is in good condition. So, get rid of the processed foods, drinks, and sugary snacks, and whenever you can, consume things that are closer to their natural state.

2. Make Sleep a Priority

While we sleep, our bodies get to work repairing, restoring and recharging our system so that we wake up refreshed and bolstered for the day ahead.  Your appetite hormones are controlled, your cardiovascular system receives a much-needed rest, and more intricate functions, including quicker toxin removal in the brain, happen while you sleep.

3. Water Yourself

Take comfort if you're one of those folks who routinely falls short of their water consumption goals; you're not alone. The good news is that even if you’re falling short of the 6-8 glasses a day, any amount is better than none.

Purchase the most attractive water bottle you can find for yourself and keep it close at hand. Once you become used to the feeling of being hydrated, you'll discover that you instinctively grab for your water bottle and are aware of the signs of dehydration, such as fatigue, stiffness, and even hunger (often thirst in a clever disguise).

4. Exercise Daily

Our posture, spinal health, and a number of other reasons are all impacted by the loss of muscle mass that occurs as we age. Exercise on a regular basis helps to slow that decline. Incorporate it with the knowledge that regular exercise promotes mental health, and you've got a powerful combination.

No matter how busy you are, put daily exercise in your calendar. Set aside some time that is strictly for YOU to go for a walk, run, bike ride, or spin class. It doesn’t matter how you do it, the only thing that matter is that you do it.

5. Work in Hourly “MOVEMENT BREAKS”

Our various gadgets are making life a lot easier, but they also contribute to a LOT of sitting. While we’re typing, scrolling, liking, shopping, and texting, our poor body is simply on standby. The fact is, our bodies were made to MOVE, and today many companies are recognizing that sitting in a chair for hours every day contributes to poor health outcomes for office workers.

So, make sure to set a timer (or utilize a fitness device that can send you reminders) to get up and exercise each day, even if you are under a lot of pressure. Before starting another section of work, take a quick walk around the block or stretch.

6. Yoga for the Win

It's understandable why the age-old practice of yoga is frequently attributed to reducing stress and anxiety (and even inflammation in the body). Deep breathing exercises and stretching help to keep our bodies' fluids moving and muscles flexible. Soothing the mind, also improves mental health.

7. Get schooled on Gut Health

There is growing evidence that our gut health has a wide range of effects on our overall health. The entire body gains from taking good care of your gut, including resolving problems like leaky gut. You may also use a variety of supplements, such as probiotics and collagen powder, which can be beneficial.

8. Plan for a Digital Detox

We love our gadgets. The issue is that the continuous flow of messages, buzzes, alarms, and vibrations is contributing to low-grade stress. According to a 2015 survey, people check their phones on average 85 times every day. Taking a full break each day can help reduce stress, which has a huge impact on your body's overall physical health both now and in the future.

9. Break the Bad Habits

It's normal to have one or two bad habits as a human. However, the sooner you stop if you include excessive amounts of coffee, smoking, or more than one or two alcoholic beverages each week, the better. According to studies, the body begins to heal the harm it has caused the moment you stop smoking and keeps doing so over the course of months and years. Therefore, instead of wasting time feeling guilty about these behaviors (everyone has them), take action now to make sure you won't have them into your later years.

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