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Carrot vs Beetroot: Know Which One is Best in Terms of Nutrition, Skin & Health

Wondering what to eat this winter - carrots or beetroots?

Ayushi Sikarwar
beetroot vs carrot
beetroot vs carrot

In winter, beetroot and carrot are the two vegetables you are recommended to consume the most in form of salad or juice, owing to their amazing health benefits on one's overall health.

While both appear to be from the same family of veggies and are packed with nutrients, you must be wondering which one of them is best. Well, here is a brief comparative account of carrot and beetroot in an attempt to answer the concern.

Basic difference between beets and carrots

Both are root vegetables that thrive in cool-season areas. They come in a range of hues and have numerous health advantages. Beets and carrots vary in their nutritional content, nevertheless. Beets come in a variety of colours, including orange, white, yellow, and purple. Both beets and carrots are root vegetables, however, carrots have longer roots. They are able to aerate difficult soil this way.

They can be grown near to one another without affecting one another due to their different root systems. However, to provide the carrots ample room to grow sideways, you need to leave a small gap between the rows of beets. Despite their close resemblance, beets and carrots are grown in quite distinct ways. Beets are a great season crop, and the ideal temperature range for their growth is between 50- and 70-degrees F.

Although they are a winter crop, carrots can survive in temperatures as low as 20 degrees F. Warmer temperatures, however, will result in slow growth and roots with a coarse texture.

Health Benefits of carrots and beets

Beets and carrots occur in a rainbow of colours, though our mental images of them may be oranges and purples. They are not only delicious but also loaded with healthy elements. They can be eaten as greens, though most people eat them as root vegetables.

Beets are a fantastic addition to a healthy diet because they are high in fibre and low in calories. They also include vitamins and minerals. They are a great source of fiber, potassium, magnesium, and iron. They support healthy bowel movements and maintain energy balance.

Vitamin A, which is abundant in beets and carrots and is beneficial in the treatment of eye and skin conditions. Vitamin A stops skin from ageing and shields it from sun damage. Additionally, it supports clear vision. Xerophthalmia, which can cause daytime vision impairment, can result from a vitamin A deficiency.

Carrot or Beetroot: Which one is best for skin?

Since ancient times, beets have been used for their antioxidants. They have also been employed for skin whitening and sun protection. Because of its anti-inflammatory and hydrating qualities, beetroot juice can also be used as a face mask to restore a youthful-looking complexion to the skin. Additionally, a good source of dietary fibre and helpful for a healthy digestive system is beetroot.

Meanwhile, Carrots are high in vitamins and minerals and support healthy skin. They have vitamin C in them, which helps stop skin pigmentation. Additionally, they contain beta-carotene, which boosts immune function and inhibits the growth of cancerous cells.

Both vegetables additionally help to reduce weight and blood pressure.

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