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Consumption of Coriander Seeds Can Give You Major Health Benefits

Jyoti Bisht
Jyoti Bisht

Coriander is the oldest herb and spice which is found around the world in all the seasons. The dry seeds of coriander have ample of health benefits. These seeds are used in different ways & in different cultures. As every culture has their uniqueness to cook food. The coriander seeds are considered as a spice with multiple properties in it.

You will be amazed to know that India has the highest production rate of coriander in the world. In India, the seeds are generally grown in Rajasthan (58%) and then Madhya Pradesh (15%). The rest of the production grows in Assam & Gujarat respectively. There is not a single dish that you can imagine without the coriander seeds or its powder.

Miraculous Health Benefits of Coriander Seeds:

After knowing these health benefits you will never resist yourself from consuming theses effective seeds.

Aids Diabetes:

Consumption of these tiny seeds can do wonder as coriander seeds do not allow fat in the body. These seeds reduce restore fat and promote weight loss. The seeds are a great source of anti-oxidants and vitamins.  These properties help in regulating the blood glucose which aids diabetic patients. A diabetic patient should consume coriander seeds in the food.

Lower Cholesterol:

Coriander seeds promote good cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol in the body. These seeds are rich in iron, copper, zinc and also have other minerals. They increase the red blood cells which improve the overall health of the heart. Coriander seeds can be used to boost up the metabolism system.

Fights Infection:

Coriander has the antimicrobial elements which fight several body infections. Intake of these seeds in your diet can fight with urinary infections & food poisoning.


Coriander seeds help in stimulating a healthy liver and also produce digestive hormones. These herbal seeds are rich in dietary fibers along with antioxidants. It is a complete package to cure all the digestive issues. Coriander seeds aid your intestinal issues such as gastric, diarrhea, nausea and much more.

Hair and Skin:

Adding coriander in your diet can give you glowing skin as well as healthy hair. Coriander seeds are rich in vitamin C, B, K, antioxidants and essential minerals. The seeds slow down the aging cells and protect your skin from allergies. The best thing about coriander seeds is that it promotes hair growth and stops premature grey hair.

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