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Depression: Why People Get Depressed; Know Common Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

Rishabh Bhan
Rishabh Bhan

Depression is a problem that no one talks about and this is the biggest obstacle in coming out of this problem. The WHO has warned that by 2020, depression will become the second major disease in the world. But many of us do not know how to recognize depression. Experts say that this is a mental condition in which the ability of a person to think positively and reach better results is reduced. Timely treatment and close association play an important role in dealing with this disease. If social interaction with the person undergoing depression is increased in time, it can be a great help in recovering from it. There are some special symptoms of depression, the person undergoing depression may recognize these signs and consider to proceed for treatment.  

Why People get depressed? 

It is completely a mental illness and it occurs when a person fails to do what he or she wants to or he/she feels a great shock. For example, suppose a person X is preparing for IAS and he wants to pass this exam at any cost. But for some reason, he could give the exam. This is where depression begins. In fact, that person has become so badly attached to his goal that he could not mentally tolerate failure in it. 

Who can have depression? 

  • It can happen to anyone.  
  • Research shows that there can be a genetic reason behind this. some genetic changes in chromosome 3 can also cause depression. About four percent of the people are affected by this.
  • when some people are going through challenging times, then they are more likely to go into depression. 
  • People who have a history of depression in their family are also more likely to be depressed.  
  • In childhood, lack of parental love, harsh discipline, contempt, expectation or strength over strength sometimes hurt the brain. Which when grown up can cause depression for a person in adversity.
  • This can happen due to repeated failure, loss or death of a loved one, etc.
  • Love failure can cause depression.
  • Physical disease: AIDS, cancer, disability or any other merge in which the patient stays in bed for a long time. He may suffer from this problem.
  • Depression can also happen due to family conflicts, unrest, separation, and financial troubles.

 Symptoms of Depression  

  • Severe headache would be much more during depression.
  • Thoughts of failure, cursing oneself, frustrated soon, thoughts of non-cooperation, inefficiency, holding oneself responsible for unfortunate act, negative and pessimistic outlook for future, thoughts of suicide etc.
  • Insomnia, there is no sleep at all.
  • Thoughts remain negativein every situation.
  • Sitting in one place, it seems quite difficult to get up again from there.
  • Suddenly you start crying.
  • There is needless sadness.
  • There is absolutely no desire to eat.
  • There is a mental burden at all times.
  • Worrying constantly about everything.
  • You have confusing thoughts.
  • Short temper tantrums.
  • Change in mood and behaving madly.
  • You love to stay alone.
  • You have many nightmares.
  • You speaking less.
  • You are scared of losing again. 


Prevention and Cure of Depression 

Make your routine 

If you are depressed then you need to make a routine of your own. According to psychologists, many people who do not have a routine cannot mentally keep themselves healthy. If you manage time and follow a routine, you will be able to overcome depression to a great extent.  

Avoid Stress 

Every person should avoid taking stress because stress is not good for our health. Stress is the initial stage of depression and depression is a mental illness that is directly related to the brain. 


Eating and drinking is very important during depression. You will get surprise if you come to know that depleting vitamin D fromyou diet can promote depression. If you are having a proper diet,you can cure 80% of your depression. 

Exercise daily 

By regular exercise, it temporarily releases a good hormone called endorphin, which can be of long-term benefit for people affected by depression. Regular exercise will encourage you in a positive way. 

Get enough sleep 

Many times, the problem of Insomnia starts due to depression. In this situation, it is very important to get enough sleep, otherwise the condition of depression gets worse.  

Understand your responsibilities 

When you are depressed, you start running away from all your responsibilities, do not do this. Being involved in it and fulfilling daily responsibilities can help you maintain a lifestyle that can help combat depression. These give you a chance to move forward in life. If you are not fully ready for your work, then do not forget to fulfil your responsibilities partially but rightly. 

 Depression can be fought by spending quality time with family. 



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