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Different ways Garlic boosts your health

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon

Garlic is a flavor enhancer that adds flavor and aroma to our curries. Garlic has long been used as a remedy for many ailments, especially digestive problems. Garlic is enough to fight bacteria and eliminate the possibility of food poisoning.

According to Ayurveda, garlic can cure rheumatism. Garlic, which has antibacterial and antibiotic properties, gives us a high level of immunity. Rich in vitamin C, garlic protects our body from diseases like fever and cold and gives us the strength to fight against such diseases.

In addition to vitamin C, it is rich in potassium, copper, calcium, selenium and fiber. For gastritis, it is best to crush garlic daily and drink it with milk at night. According to the Central Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States, garlic has the ability to prevent certain types of cancers found in the stomach.

A team of researchers from the University of Adelaide in South Australia has found that regular consumption of garlic can lower high blood pressure. Garlic extract with little heated salt water and pour three drops of this mixture on the ear to relieve earache. Chewing one or two roasted garlic cloves daily in the morning is good for lowering blood pressure and controlling cholesterol.

Not only this, with the help of this medicine you can improve your heart health. Consumption of garlic eliminates bad fats in the body and reduces body weight. Regular consumption of one teaspoon of crushed garlic eliminates the risk of heart disease.

In the morning, add two cloves of garlic and a little lemon juice in warm water and drink it. This helpful to cleanse the blood in our body. People with toothache can cut a little garlic and put it under the aching tooth to get rid of the toothache. Roasting garlic with butter is good for hemorrhoids.

Garlic is important for skin care and hair care. Its use eliminates hair loss. Like aspirin, garlic can protect against blood clots. Garlic can reduce the oxidative stress in the brain and eliminate dementia.

Garlic is good for improving the level of the hormone estrogen, especially in menopausal women. Garlic can eliminate infections and prevent gout in the body. Garlic has so many benefits of the Sulphur compound because it contains Allicin That is why it is better to eat raw garlic. The activity of Allicin stops while cooking.

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