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Are You Aware of These Magical Benefits of Lemon Juice?

Jyoti Bisht
Jyoti Bisht

Lemon is a key ingredient to delight the taste of any food along with the health benefits. There are a number of people who start their day with lemon water to detoxify the body. Also, some people drink lemon water after their dinner to boost up their metabolism. In summer, lemon juice is considered as a healthy drink to keep our body cool.  Lemon also cures the suntan which is a common cause of sun exposure.

Various Health Benefits of Lemon Juice:

Prevent Kidney Stones:

Consuming lemon juice can prevent kidney stones as it contains Citrate which makes the urine less acidic. This component helps in breaking the stones into small particles. The lemon juice does not only provide you citrate but also flush out the stones from the kidney.

Avoid Bad Odor:

The leftover smell of garlic and onions are the stubborn smells which do not vanish after a hand wash. Rubbing lemon juice may help you in get rid of bad odor. Even one can use it for preventing the bad odor from gums and mouth. You need to rub the lemon on your teeth with a pinch of salt on it.

Aids Digestion:

Drinking lemon juice after your lunch or dinner directly helps in your digestion system. This also prevents the constipation problem by making your digestion easy to function.

Improves Skin:

The lemon is rich in vitamins and most importantly lemon recalls for Vitamin C. The citrus acid reduces the wrinkles, ageing, and sun tan.  Lemon juice is a best natural remedy for those who have an acne prone skin. Vitamin C prevents the actual cause of acne, wrinkles, dullness and excessive oil production.

Prevents Body Fat:

Most of people are advised to follow this regime which is easy to make and drink. Half squeezed lemon with the hot or lukewarm water reduces the body fat. Lemon juice does not allow the fat in the body and the components help in weight loss.

Hair Care:

A lot of people complaint about the dandruff which causes hair fall and other hair problems. Applying lemon extract with the regular oil on the scalp helps in the dandruff problem. If you directly apply the lemon juice on your hair then you can get the natural shine from it.

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