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DRINKS That You Will Never Have Again After Knowing Its Ingredients

M Kanika
M Kanika
Beer, Orange Juice & White Wine
Beer, Orange Juice & White Wine

The food market is continuously expanding at an accelerated rate, with manufacturers & brands adding many new products each day. Consumers love to consume products that are tastier and at the same time cost-effective, but have you ever stopped to look behind the veil & investigate exactly what’s inside your food?  

Here in this article, we have mentioned drinks with their ingredients, which you will never find advertised in any grocery shops.


For years, beer has always been the most universally accepted drink that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their eating preferences. Of course, there are some people who are allergic to some ingredients, but, did you know that vegetarians need to be wary too?

There is a sneaky tiny ingredient called isinglass that is used in the brewing process. It helps to make the color clear & inviting, but where does it come from? This is actually derived from the bladder of the fish. Yes! That tang tastes a little different now, doesn’t it? It is worth noting that Budweiser doesn’t include this ingredient in its products.   


What could possibly be lurking in our glasses of white wine that isn’t grapes & booze? Well, as this turns out, quite a lot. Wine can harbor some extremely interesting ingredients that you just wouldn’t expect, including egg whites.

Apparently, the egg whites can clarify wine, giving it a nice crystal clear appearance. So, the next time you choose to order the glass while out for dinner, be sure to toast to some chickens too for giving you such an aesthetically pleasing glass of wine.


If you are partial to a glass of orange juice in the mornings & don’t want to give it up, then you might have to look away now. 

No matter how “Freshly Squeezed” orange juice from outside the carton it may seem, there is a lot of different brands that rely heavily on chemicals for their flavors.

For Example, Ethyl Butyrate is commonly used to insert a hefty amount of artificial flavoring into an orange juice. Of course, a fresh juice needs to be preserved somehow & this process often means a flavor takes Hit. By hitting the mix with artificial compounds like this, the companies are able to finely tune the taste.  

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