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Foods to Keep Your Body Warm This Winter

The climate of every country is different from one another. It influences the people in a big way. They refashion their lives when season changes from one season to another one.

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes

The climate of every country is different from one another. It influences the people in a big way. They refashion their lives when season changes from one season to another one. For example, they wear woolen clothes when winter comes. Woolen clothes give way soon to cotton clothes when summer starts. 

Similarly, the type of foods they consume also undergoes changes. In winter, people prefer food that warms their bodies. They consume more food due to the change in metabolism.

Now it is the time of winter. It is also the time of health care because many diseases appear during this cold months. Unless one follows strict vigil in eating healthy meals including proper vegetables , meat, cereals, etc., he will fall prey  to unpredictable miseries. So let's have a look at some winter special items that can be used in this cold season.

Foods to eat in winter

Turnip is a good choice during winter. They contain antioxidants abundantly so that they can resist the dreaded disease called cancer in an effective way. As Turnips contain vitamin K and vitamin A , they are good for heart and bone. This vegetable also improves the process of digestion in human body.

Another preferred item is date. It stores large quantity of iron and protein. Calcium and many other vitamins are also found in dates. All these help people fight against different types of illnesses. Due to these reasons , dates are good for developing immunity.

In connection with the vegetables that should be added to our menu in winter  sweet potatoes have an important place among other vegetables. They have starch in large quantity in comparison with ordinary potatoes. They are also rich in fibre, vitamin A and potassium. They not only improves immunity but also cure  many health issues like constipation, inflammation, etc.

We cannot conclude the article without mentioning nuts. They keep your nervous system properly in winter season. In the same way, the insulin sensitivity is also controlled well if you consume nuts in your daily diet. As they contain vitamin E and Omega fats, your heart health will also be fine.

In the end, it is worth mentioning oats broccoli and cauliflower. Oats cannot be viewed simply as a breakfast meal, instead, it is the source of nutrients like zinc and fibre. Importance of these two things in the meals is very high as they play vital roles in digestion and keeping the health of heart. A warm bowl of oats will go a long way as far as constipation is concerned during winter. Cauliflower and broccoli consumption in winter is good for fighting against the problems of cold season. Since they  have vitamin C in considerable quantity, your immunity will be boosted in notable way.

We have been discussing various types of food that will go with winter season. It doesn't mean that proper exercise and liquid consumption bear no significance. They should also be followed as per your winter schedule. Any discomfort in your menu should be corrected after consulting a doctor.

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