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Green Tea or Black Tea: Which is More Healthier

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
Green Tea

Tea in every home is a favorite and is enjoyed by all. There are many teas, including green tea and black tea that are useful for health. The leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant make both black and green tea.

Both kinds of teas have certain health advantages that are common. Both black tea and green tea are made up of heavy compounds that have a host of health benefits. Both help to maintain a strong immune system, help with weight loss, and help maintain cardiovascular health. Here are some similarities between the two kinds of tea. 

Black Tea: 

To begin the oxidisation process, black tea is produced by rolling the leaves and exposing them to air. In order to reduce moisture content, the leaves of black tea are harvested and withered. Compared to green tea, black tea has larger amounts of caffeine. It contains 1/3rd of the amount of caffeine contained in coffee. 

It is effective in increasing blood flow and in improving concentration and focus, as it contains a high amount of caffeine. 

Recipe: Take 220 ml of water and bring it to 100 degrees Celsius to brew black tea. Add the black tea leaves to 2 grams and let it brew for 3-4 minutes. Strain and serve the tea. 

Green tea: 

The leaves of green tea are not oxidised when it comes to production and are harvested from the tea plant and heated to prevent oxidation. It contains 1/4th of the amount of caffeine present in coffee, which makes it a healthier alternative in terms of the amount of caffeine present in green tea. It also aids in the loss of weight. The caffeine and catechins found in this tea increase metabolism and can help the body rapidly and effectively burn fat. Take 220 ml of water and bring it to 100 degrees Celsius to perfectly brew the green tea. Add the green tea leaves to 2 grams. Let everything cook and strain after 2-3 minutes. 

There are several health benefits from both green tea and black tea. But since green tea leaves are not oxidized, in comparison to black tea, it has more antioxidants. On this basis, it can therefore be said that green tea is healthier than black tea. 

However, it clearly depends upon people and individuals on what tea to prefer. Some people may or may not like the taste of Green tea and hence opt for black tea and vice versa. Try this tea and choose what works best for you and your body. 

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