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Is Black Diamond Apple good for you?

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Arkansas Black Apple

Are you tired of red and green apples? If so, we now have a new Black Diamond Apple variety, a rare type from the Hua Niu apple family, often known as the Chinese Red Delicious. Because they aren't precisely black, but rather a dark purple colour, the name is a little deceptive.

What makes them so dark and where can we find them?

The colour of the apples is due to its original geography in Nyingchi, a small city situated in the mountains of Tibet, where they receive a lot of ultraviolet radiation during the day but the temperature swings considerably at night, resulting in a deep, black colour. The inside of the apple is white and bright, just like any other apple.

Aside from Tibet, the Arkansas Black Apple is a near relative of the Black Diamond Apple in the United States. They are not as sweet as other varieties, according to experts, and must be preserved in dark places to taste excellent.

Arkansas Black apples are harvested in the autumn season along with other apples, although they're extremely sour right off the tree. They develop a sweeter taste and their firm flesh softens after being preserved for several months, making them much more delicious.

Whether you're in the United States or in a remote Tibetan mountain, it's a major time investment for any farmer that doesn't always pay off. Approximately 70% of the annual Black Diamond crop is lost before it arrives in the market.

Could that darker skin, however, be infused with more beneficial nutrients?

Despite having a wonderful, sweet crunch, Black Diamond apples are unlikely to be more nutritious than other commercial apple types.

A regular apple has 4 to 5 grams of fiber, roughly 100 calories, and a flavonoid called epicatechin, which has been shown to lower blood pressure and enhance heart health. Apples are also anti-inflammatory, nourishing, and gratifying, However, there are no such advantages with this type.

While these lovely apples aren't necessarily more nutritious than their brighter cousins, they are unquestionably more pricey. Black Diamond apples are only accessible for a couple of months each year and are produced in a very limited window. Only high-end supermarkets sell them in China. While the average price of an apple is roughly 7 dollars, some can cost up to 20 dollars.

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