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Khesari Dal Benefits and Uses

Very few people are likely to be familiar with the term "Khesari dal." Khesari dal resembles toor dal. In some areas, khesari is sold mixed with toor dal. However, this mysterious pulse provides several benefits that you are unaware of.

Ayushi Raina
Khesari Dal
Khesari Dal

Very few people are familiar with the term "Khesari dal" Khesari dal is just like toor dal. In some areas, khesari is sold mixed with toor dal. However, this mysterious pulse provides several benefits that you are unaware of. Khesari dal is also used as a medication in Ayurveda due to its characteristics. 

Uses of Khesari Dal

Khesari's flavor is a combination of sweet, bitter, and chilly. This kapha balances pitta, enhances potency, promotes appetite, strengthens bones, relieves pain, weariness, inflammation, burning, and heart disease, and is good for a variety of ailments such as haemorrhoids.  Khesari greens stimulate appetite and clear cough from the pitta. 

Khesari seeds are nutritious, bitter and cold in nature and eliminate weakness. Khesari seed oil has laxative effects, which means it is useful to remove faeces or undesirable substances from the stomach. 

Benefits of Khesari Dal 

According to the nutritional value of Khesari dal in Ayurveda, its medicinal properties are innumerable. Let us know for which diseases Khesari dal is beneficial. 

Khesari dal is good for your eyes 

There is a lot that comes with eye disorders, such as common eye pain, night blindness, red eyes, and so on. In all of these cases, a Khesari-based home treatment is extremely beneficial. Boiling the leaves of Khesari and eating them as greens cures eye problems. 

Khesari dal alleviates eye pain 

If there is pain or burning in your eyes due to reading or working on the computer for an extended period of time, Khesari can be beneficial.  Applying the juice of fresh Khesari fruit minimizes swelling and discomfort in the eyes. 

Khesari dal is effective in the treatment of peptic ulcers 

Peptic ulcer discomfort is relieved with khesari dal. Taking roasted khesari seeds with kalay chana soup can help with chronic conjunctivitis, also known as peptic ulcer. 

Helps to get rid of lumps

Sometimes a lump occurs in the hands or feet and does not respond to treatments.

In order to get rid of it, grind the seeds of Khesari and make it like a bundle and tie it in a knot, the lump bursts and the pus comes out. 

Khesari dal is beneficial for dry skin 

If the skin is getting dry due to the use of cosmetics or due to pollution, then using the powder of khesari seeds reduces the dryness of the skin. 

Basically, the leaves, seeds, and seed oil of Khesari dal are utilized in Ayurvedic treatment. 

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