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Hibiscus: Health Benefits & Medicinal Properties

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar
Medicinal flowers
Medicinal flowers

Hibiscus is a beautiful flower that can be grown in your garden to make it attractive. This flower is found in many colours .It is not only adds beauty to your garden but serves your a family like a doctor.The reason is that it has a lot of medicinal uses in our daily life.It can be used as a medicine for all age groups and sex. Now let's see what are its main medicinal properties.

This is one of the most important hair care products.  Its leaves are good for hair health.  It is not only effective for hair growth but also for removing dandruff from the scalp.  To get rid of lice infestation, it is enough to tie this flower on the head at night while sleeping.

Hibiscus flower is mostly used to treat health problems in women.  It is recommended to take the flower for excessive bleeding in connection with menstruation.  If you wake up in the morning, chew the petals of five or six flowers and drink  water, many gyno issues will be cured.  The cure for severe illness such as  Leukorrhea it is advised to eat the petals of two or three flowers and drink milk for 40 days.  It can also relieve lower back pain and Anemia.

For uterine problems, for young women who are not pregnant and for girls who are not to menstruate, mixing the flower juice and giving it to the needy to drink daily is a remedy recommended.

If men eat five flowers for 48 days, their sexual weakness will be solved.  If children eat the flower, their memory will increase and they will become sharper.  The pollen should be removed when giving it to the children.

If you add the flower to your diet, you will get relief from fatigue. To reduce blood pressure, it is enough to boil its leaves in water and drink it. If you drink it regularly, it can dissolve the fat in the blood.

Hibiscus is a flower that has many medicinal properties.  It is a medicine for almost all gyno problems.  It can give health to hair.  It is also good for removing dandruff.  It can purify blood and reduce blood pressure.

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