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Oxygen Crisis: 5 Ways to Boost Oxygen Levels Naturally

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Red Blood Cells
Red Blood Cells

This second wave of COVID- 19 has come as a wake-up call for all of us. Unfortunately, people are losing their lives due to shortage of oxygen supplies in many hospitals and also due to lack of essential drugs. While you may be aware of many immunity boosting foods, it is equally important for you to keep your respiratory health under check. So, they can produce good amount of oxygen naturally.

5 Tips to Improve Oxygen Levels: 

Amid Pandemic, know how you can enhance the Oxygen count in your body in a natural way:

1. Diet rich in Antioxidants & Vitamin F:

  • Antioxidants permit the body to utilize oxygen more effectively by increasing oxygen intake in digestion. To increase antioxidants in our body, we should focus on antioxidants- rich foods like blueberries, cranberries, red kidney beans, artichoke hearts, strawberries, plums and blackberries, most of which can be taken in various juices and smoothies. 

  • Another critical protein to include into your diet is essential fatty acids like Vitamin F, which help in increasing the amount of oxygen the hemoglobin in the bloodstream can carry. These acids can be found in walnuts, Flaxseeds and soybeans.

2. Regular Exercise:  

  • Regular Exercise is key to a healthy and long life. Through aerobic exercises such as Simple Walking, the body is able to better utilize oxygen while removing waste through the lymphatic system. According to the American Heart Association, walking regularly for 30 minutes, has miraculous effects on the circulatory system than spending an hour or more in the gym 2 to 3 times a week. 

  • Regular exercise improve your mood & confidence and also help in reducing stress & anxiety levels.

3. Cleanse& Detoxify the Air: 

  • There are a number of air purifiers available in the market that can filter the worst of our environmental pollutants. Another eco-friendly way to purify or detoxify room air quality is by placing air- purifying plants. As they convert the carbon dioxide we exhale into fresh oxygen, and they can also remove toxins from the air we breathe.

  • Another way to cleanse air is to use beeswax candles instead of paraffin candles as it contains a natural compound that leaves no chemical on burning, while paraffin candles can release contaminants.

4. Change your Breathing: 

Breathing is usually an unconscious process. But breathing in a proper way is key to overall health. It’s recently been discovered that sick people breathe using the upper chest and inhale more air, which causes reduced oxygen levels in the body. While the correct method to proper breathing, is slow, from the diaphragm, and through the nose, rather than the mouth.

5. Hydrate the Body: 

  • Our body is roughly 60 percent water, so it cannot be undermined how crucial water is to how the body functions: regulating body temperature, allowing body cells to grow and lubricating our joints. 

  • When looking to get the full benefits of oxygenation, drink filtered water. Ionized and restructured water is micro-clustered with smaller groupings of water molecules. That’s why it provides high levels of oxygenation and hydration at the cellular level. 

  • Always keep in mind that caffeinated beverages, high sodium foods and alcohol all dehydrate the body. So keep water with you during the day and get in the habit of drinking it throughout the day. Health professionals recommend drink around 3 liters of water per day.

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