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Read to Know What Specialists Say about Banana Curing Diarrhea

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

Because of the ever changing climate or food propensities, diarrhea is always right around the corner. It is, indeed, one of the most well-known stomach related issues. You can find several medications available in the market to instantly stop it, however people generally depend on home cures like having a banana to control diarrhea and furthermore help the body to feel more grounded. 

Why are bananas effective? 

Specialists claim that bananas are actually very high on fibre content and contain pectin (found in raw banana) that helps in the formation of solid stool and further improves bowel movement for you. Bananas are also a great source for potassium that soothes the stomach and further assists in getting the digestion cycle back to an orderly manner. It is also a decent energy source and the presence of sugar and sodium enables the patient to retain salt and water in the colon, which helps in making the stool firmer. 

Nutrition specialists say that bananas are a low buildup food and are great in managing the lack of hydration in the body. Eating bananas dissipates instant energy because of the presence of carbohydrates in it, which are easier to break than any other form of food. Every 100 grams of bananas between 80 to 100 calories, therefore it is helpful in replenishing the lost strength of the body. 

How to consume? 

Normally if you ask your mother or grandmother, they will suggest having a banana with a bit of curd for relief. 

Experts suggest another more scientific way of eating bananas is with salt. Which provides sodium, potassium and much-needed electrolytes to your body, which normally gets exhausted in an event, when you are suffering from diarrhea. You can eat bananas twice or even thrice a day, which depends on the intensity of the disease . In a situation, when you are unable to have normal food, you can always opt for a banana as per your way of eating it; be it plain, with curd or with rice. 

Things to remember:  

Experts suggest that you always eat the ripe bananas, not the green ones or unripe ones. Eating unripe bananas can further complicate your situation. 

Also, have a lot of water in order to make up for the lost fluid from your body. 

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