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Reasons to Drink Lemongrass Tea; A Healthy Beverage

Lemongrass is commonly used in medicines, aromatherapy, oil production, and oral consumption in the form of tea. It is also used for flavor in beverages & food items, and in the cosmetics industry. You can prepare lemongrass tea by boiling lemongrass with water. Also, you can add honey to it. Here is the list of lemongrass tea benefits and reasons why you should consume it.

Sangeeta Soni
Lemongrass tea- a healthy beverage
Lemongrass Tea The Cup

Lemongrass is a tall, perennial grass native to Asia, Africa, and Australia's tropical and sub-tropical climates. Lemongrass is primarily grown in India along with the Western Ghats mountain range and near the Himalayan foothills of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim.

Lemongrass is widely utilized in medicine, aromatherapy, oil manufacturing, and a tea. It's also utilized as a flavoring agent in beverages and foods, as well as in the cosmetics business.

Some people consume lemongrass tea on a daily basis, yet many others are unaware of it. Lemongrass tea can be made by boiling lemongrass with water. You can also add honey to it.

Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea 

Here is the list of lemongrass tea benefits and reasons why you should consume it- 

Antioxidant Properties 

Lemongrass includes many antioxidants that aid in the elimination of disease-causing free radicals in the body. Lemongrass tea is a detox tea, and the antioxidants in its aid to prevent coronary artery cell failure.

Metabolism Booster 

Lemongrass tea helps in the stimulation of metabolism and the burning of more calories. It also aids in the treatment of upset stomach and other digestive issues. Lemongrass tea can also help to prevent stomach ulcers.

Relieves Anxiety 

Lemongrass tea may be quite calming and can help to ease anxiety and stress. It can be consumed in the morning or evening. Aromatherapy using lemongrass essential oil is also renowned as a stress reliever.

Healthy Skin & Hair 

Lemongrass is high in vitamins A and C, which are two of the most important nutrients for skin and hair. Lemongrass tea, when consumed on a regular basis, helps to prevent skin problems such as acne, pimples, and greasy skin.

Pain Reliever 

Lemongrass tea is thought to be beneficial to women's health. Menstrual pain can be reduced and hot flashes can be relieved with regular ingestion. Lemongrass tea also aids in the relief of different types of pain.

This is just a small list, this herbal tea has many other benefits that are essential for healthy living. It is absolutely safe to consume lemongrass tea in small amounts (a cup of tea). But if you are facing any major health issues like diabetes, low heart rate, low potassium levels, or some other health issues, then you must consult the doctor before consuming lemongrass tea. Also, Lemongrass tea is not considered safe for pregnant women.  

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