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Star Fruit: Exotic Fruit with Numerous Health Benefits

Star fruit is an amazing exotic fruit with many health benefits. It helps in digestion, better metabolism, helps the heart. Star fruit also helps you in losing weight. Starfruit is a fruit for everyone and everybody can enjoy a piece of the fruit and enjoy its benefits.

Chintu Das
Star fruit

Fast Facts: 

- Star fruit is also known as carambola, the name is derived from the word "karmaphala” in Sanskrit. 

- Star fruit originated in the South East of Asia and are found in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and a few more. 

- Star fruit has a resemblance of a star in its shape, hence it has got its name. 

- Scientific name of the star fruit tree is Averrhoa carambola, which belongs to the Oxalidaceae family. 

- Entire star fruit is edible right from its wax like skin to its seeds. 

- Size is between 3 to 6 inches in length and has ridges mostly 5 but can be more also. 

- Star fruit has a green colour and turns yellow when ripe. 

- Star fruit is eaten raw and also as a pickle, juice, cooked etc. 

- The taste of Star fruit is generally sour but becomes mildly sweet when ripe. 

- Star fruit contains different vitamins, antioxidants and is very good for your skin because of the abundance of vitamin C in it. 

- The juice of star fruit is sometimes used for removing stains from clothes. 


Star fruit is a mix of sweet and sour delight. The fruit has a shape of a star and hence the common name. The fruit skin is silky and feels like wax, however is 100% edible. The fruit includes vitamin C and also contains several other nutrients like Vitamin B5, Folate, Magnesium etc. The fruit also contains many essential plant compounds such as quercetin, epicatechin etc. People with kidney disorder should not consume star fruit as it may lead to complications. 

Star Fruit Health Benefits: 

- Keeps inflammation away: 

Studies have shown that Star fruit and its leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and can be beneficial for somebody having skin disorders such as psoriasis or dermatitis. Also the abundance of vitamin C helps in clearing contamination s from your body and keeps the flu and cold virus away. 

- Benefits the heart: 

A healthy heart needs optimum levels of potassium and sodium for administering a healthful blood pressure. Both of the minerals are present in a star fruit and do not let your heart skip a beat. It balances the blood pressure well within limits and keeps the major coronary diseases such as stroke, heart attack away from you. 

- Helps you shed weight: 

Star fruit has minimal sugar content in it and has a high amount of fibre in it. The fibre helps your metabolism in keeping a good pace and lets you lose those extra kilos. Fibre also helps in regulating your eating disorders. 

Star fruit

- Boosts metabolism: 

Presence of dietary additives such as riboflavin and folic acid helps your digestion and keeps the enzyme levels in optimum range. Other digestive problems such as stomach bloating, stomach cramps, constipation can also be taken care of by supplementing your diet with Star fruit. 

- Keeps a tab on your sugar levels: 

Star fruit can be enjoyed by healthy people as well as diabetic patients. The high level of fibre present in star fruit does not affect the insulin levels in your body. Normal sugar levels determine a healthy life. Unlike other food, eating star fruit does not release glucose. 

- Helps your breathing: 

Star fruits show anti-inflammatory properties and help you in recovering from a sore throat. It also urges production of healthy mucus so as to keep your respiration in good shape.  

- Keeps you young: 

The antioxidants present in a star fruit helps your body to get rid of free radicals, which affects your skin health. Several vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamin C, quercetin, vitamin B etc. helps your skin and hair in staying young. Starfruit helps your hair to grow faster while maintaining the shine. 

Bottom Line: 

If you wish to stay young then eat Starfruit !!

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