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Surya Namaskar - A perfect plan for Complete Health

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar
Surya namaskar

Surya namaskar is an exercise that is easy for anyone to practise and is very good for the body.  If you practise it at sunrise and sunset, you will get the amount of vitamin D your body needs.  It includes movements that relax all the joints and muscles of the body.

It is said that sages used to worship the sun by doing Surya namaskar daily in  ancient times.  It is believed that if this is done regularly, ageing will not occur.  In the past, this exercise was learned from Guru or Master.  This exercise is said to have the effect of influencing even mental functions.  Therefore, this exercise is good for personality development.

Those with back pain and high blood pressure had better practise it under a teacher.  To practise this, you need to spread a thick cloth on the floor.

When practicing Surya namaskar, one should inhale in some steps and exhale in others.  There are also occasions in the exercise when one should hold the breath.  The benefits of 24 yogas are obtained by a person if he does Surya namaskar. It is a combination of 12 asanas.

It is estimated that 30 minutes of practising Surya namaskar will burn 420 calories.  Adequate exercise for the shoulders, arms and abdomen is guaranteed in Surya namaskar.  It helps the skin to glow with youthfulness.  It also eliminates the fat that is accumulated under the skin.

There are people who do Surya namaskar  as part of their faith . They are supposed to follow religious instructions .Those who do Surya namaskar as an exercise need not follow such things. 

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