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6 Ways How Exercises Can Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The role of exercise in our life is highlighted enough. Staying fit and eating a healthy diet is the gateway to a healthy life. Exercising not only helps in staying fit but also reduces the risk of numerous diseases including cancer. Yes, exercising can reduce the risk of cancer by miles.

Cancer is without a doubt a dreaded disease and one that in stilsfear in the minds of people. Even the word ‘cancer’ in itself is terrifying – it is hard to cope with the emotional crisis when one is diagnosed with cancer. People go lengths to protect themselves from this disease – from buying cancer insurance to altering their entire lifestyle and what not! Truth be told, it is necessary to be vigilant and take active measures to guard against cancer.

Exercising can indeed reduce the risk of cancer, and it is a well-documented fact. Let’s see:

1. Keeping Weight in Check

Obesity is without a doubt one of the primary risk factors for cancer, coronary heart diseases, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and other critical illnesses. Exercising is the best way to maintain a healthy weight as it keeps obesity in check. The idea is to indulge in sufficient exercise that keeps these illnesses away. According to a study, around 22% of cancer cases are linkedto obesity, a number that is alarming. Obesity can cause various types of cancers butis a modifiable risk factor and can be corrected with exercise.


2. Preventing Breast Cancer Through Exercise

Exercising affects the human body in many positive ways including altering the hormone levels. Cancer starts when there is rapid multiplication of cells in any part of the body. Estrogen plays a significant role in encouraging cell growth which can lead to breast cancer. Exercising on a daily basis reduces the level of estrogen in the body and hence cuts down the risk of breast cancer – as shown by studies. Apart from estrogen, insulin also affects the multiplication of cells. Exercising on a daily basis can reduce insulin levels and in turn reduce cancer risk.

According to doctors, exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes minimises the risk of breast cancer and heart diseases. It will improve the quality of life and keep you more active to take on everyday life.

3. Cutting the Risk of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer adds a lot of percentage to the overall cancer-related deaths. One of the most noteworthy risk factors for colon cancer is a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising decreases the body fat, insulin and other harmful things that can increase the risk of colon cancer. When we exercise, there are a change in digestive acids, and more waste is excreted out – cutting the risk of colon cancer. However, a healthy diet is a crucial supplement that must be combined with exercise. Exercising boosts the excretory system and leads to fewer toxins in the system. It also cuts down chronic inflammation and contributes in repairing of DNA.

4. Knowing How Much Exercise is Enough

Exercising must be a daily goal and a part of the routine. According to doctors, a minimum of 30 minutes of exercising every day can have huge benefits on overall health. However, an hour of exercise is recommended to get the most benefit. Also, the more intense the workout– the more benefit it will provide. Nevertheless, moderate-intensity activities such as brisk walking may also suffice.

5. Sitting Less

Yes, sitting for an extended period of time can increase the risk of cancer. Even for people who exercise every day, the risk is not lowered. The idea here is to get up and move for a couple of minutes after every hour or so. Sitting too much also increases the chances of obesity – which is linked with cancer.

6. Building Strength

Muscle strengthening exercises are important and should be a part of the exercise schedule. Strength training exercises boost the metabolism which helps in maintaining weight and reducing cancer risk. Always combine strength training with cardio and other moderate exercises.

What Else Can be Done?

It is natural to be concerned about cancer and its risk factors – considering the number of cases that we witness every year. Keeping the body healthy and fit is the stepping stone towards minimising cancer risk. However, cancer can even strike in most unimaginable cases. The emotional turmoil it brings can shatter anyone and to top it – cancer treatment is expensive and often leads to a financial crunch. To be protected by cancer, it is essential to not only be physically active but have a backing like a cancer insurance plan. Insurers like Future Generali offer coverage up to Rs. 40 lakhs that can be claimed in both minor and significant stages of cancer.

Keep exercising, secure your future and remember even if you have a love-hate relationship with exercise – the truth is that it can indeed set you free.

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