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The Uses and Benefits of Betel Leaf

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

The question of whether it is necessary to introduce Betel leaf will have two answers, 'yes' and 'no'  because betel leaf is a leaf that is known to everyone from children to the elderly.  But how much is known about its medicinal properties? It is a question to probe a little.

Betel leaf: Traditional Importance

Betel leaf is an indispensable item for all auspicious occasions in Kerala.  The leaf is considered to be the best thing to give 'Dakshina' at the time of weddings and pilgrimage.

It has long been a habit of Keralites to chew betel leaf with betel nut and lime.  We can still see the elderly around us who are still having this habit.  Pan from North India is now a trend among the youth of Kerala.  Everyone has read about fairy tales in Kerala in which fairies are  asking for betel leaf and lime from the passers by.  In short, betel leaf is a leaf that is closely associated with Indian culture, especially Kerala culture.  Once you've been to a wedding, it's hard to find someone who does not take the leaf, betel nut and the lime together to chew after the treat .

Medicinal benefits of Betel Leaf

It is not correct to associate betel leaf only with culture because betel leaf is a  medicinal leaf.  That is why it is said that the answer to the question of whether Vettila should be introduced at the outset is relevant.  The medicinal leaf can be used as a medicine for many ailments.

It is a leaf that contains a lot of calcium.  This leaf is rich in thiamine, niacin and carotene. Betel leaf is used as an analgesic in Ayurvedic treatment.  Put a bandage on the wound and it will be healed quickly.  Drinking betel juice can relieve pain inside the body.

There are enough antioxidants in betel leaves.  They can also solve stomach problems.  It is enough to drink betel juice to get rid of constipation.  It is said that chewing betel leaves after a meal is enough to facilitate the digestive process.  This leaf of medicinal properties can regulate the metabolic functions of the body.  Betel is used as a medicine to reduce acidity.

It is good to chew betel leaves to increase appetite and get rid of bad breath.  It can be used as a remedy for coughs, shortness of breath and colds.  Those who want to get rid of bronchitis should be given boiled water with betel leaf.  The water added with betel leaves  will have the benefit of a cup of syrup.

There is much more to be said about the benefits of betel leaf.  It is a cure for many of the health problems we face.  They will be discussed in another article.

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