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These 10 Fruits and Vegetables Contain More Vitamin C than Orange

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Vitamin C is essential for your body especially in the winter season. It not only maintains the overall healthy functioning of the body, but also offers numerous health benefits. Whenever we talk about foods rich in Vitamin C, the first name that comes to mind is Orange. It is said that one orange can fulfil a considerable portion of your recommended dietary allowance of Vitamin C. But do you know that there are many other foods that equally rich in Vitamin C like whole orange..

Vegetables and Fruits with More Vitamin C


Many of you may be shocked to know that pineapple contains very good amount of vitamin C. The fruit also contains manganese, a mineral that is rarely found in natural foods, making it a great addition to the diet.


Orange and yellow fruits are generally credited with having high vitamin content, but guava is a fruit that has proved this wrong. According to the USDA, one guava, weighing 100 grams contains more than 200 mg of Vitamin C content that is almost twice as high as that in an orange.


Broccoli not only helps in maintaining your overall health but is also a great natural source of vitamin C, that helps repair damaged tissue and maintain a healthy immunity.


Strawberries are well known for their antioxidant properties but these small red-coloured fruits are also a great source of vitamin C. Also it is important to mention that the vitamin C content in strawberry is slightly more than that in a single orange.

Yellow and Red Bell Peppers

Yellow and red bell peppers are very rich in antioxidants that helps in maintaining your eye as well as heart health. Bell peppers also contain high amounts of vitamin C, which increases collagen level & may help to prevent lung cancer too.


Mango, the king of all fruits is also naturally high in vitamin C and beta-carotene, and therefore help in improving the immunity as well. It must be noted that green mangoes in particular contain more vitamin C than their orange or yellow counterparts.


Papaya is a fruit that can be enjoyed in all seasons as they are quite easily available in the market.  It can be best enjoyed fresh, whether in the form of salad or juice. Half a papaya, if consumed raw, gives a significantly higher amount of Vitamin C than one orange.


Kiwi is another good option to add in your diet. A single kiwi fruit has up to 84mg of vitamin C, along with many other important vitamins like vitamin K and E.


Many of you may not be aware of Kale that comes with a number of health benefits. It is a fruit with high vitamins C and K content. The best way to add kale to your diet is its juice that can be easily prepared at home.  


Lemons are available throughout the year and are extremely high in Vitamin C. You can use lemons in many ways like in form of juice or by adding it in rice, curries and salads.

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