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Advanta Seeds Launches New Hybrid Variety of Tomato Seeds

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

Advanta Seeds has been the fastest growing company in the hybrid vegetable seed business in the year 2019-2020. It is purely an Indian company, giving top priority to the interests of the farmers. With its strong Research & Development, and management, the company holds the first position in the business of ladyfinger seeds. Advanta Seeds is rapidly increasing its expenditure into developing seeds of tomato, chilli, cauliflower, sweet corn and other vegetable seeds. 

In this regard, Advanta Seeds has come up with a new variety of tomato seeds called "Jayam-2” for the tomato growers. Jayam - 2 is a unique variety in itself, capable of bearing excessive fruit during the summer season and is highly tolerant to TYLCV virus. Jayam-2 has the ability to bear fruits for a long time with the ability to produce more in a short time. 

The fruits of its plants are very solid, attractive bright red colored and are mostly of similar size. Due to the uniform size of the fruit, the farmers can grow a lot of fruits of "A" grade. The tomatoes grown from these seeds can be transported from a faraway place without having chances of getting rotten during the transportation due to the good quality of the tomatoes. 

During the year 2019, farmers from the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Assam and West Bengal had cultivated crops using seeds of Jayam-2 and have been successfully cultivated the crops. The farmers are getting very encouraging response from other farmers and the government. The yield potential and disease-resistance of these seeds are what most of the farmers are excited about.  

In all the mandis, fruits of Jayam-2 are sold on priority basis and farmers are very happy due to good income from other varieties. Farmers are preparing to cultivate Jayam-2 from next year on a large scale.  

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