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Best Agrolife Ltd Organized Knowledge Building Workshop for Maharashtra Distributors

Best Agrolife Ltd. (BAL) organized knowledge building workshop for their Maharashtra distributors, which helped them interact personally and have a fruitful knowledge building session related to their line of products.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Raajan Ailawadhi
Raajan Ailawadhi

Best Agrolife Ltd. (BAL) organized knowledge-building workshop for their Maharashtra distributors, which helped them interact personally and have a fruitful knowledge-building session related to their line of products. This session was spearheaded by Company’s MD, Vimal Alawadhi & ED Raajan Ailawadhi. The workshop was attended by few key team members and the Channel partners.

The session involved discussion of Best Agrolife products like Ronfen, ternary premix insecticide as one-shot solution against all sucking pest complex which is suitable for cotton and vegetables. Dongle, the product known to enhance crop tolerance against abiotic stress, it is known for managing plant hormones and nutrient levels, which reduces stress and improves crop yield.

Bestline, a very new generation disease management tool with anti-sporulation technique, suitable for Tomato, soybean, cotton, corn, groundnut and banana.

The future product line for Best Agrolife was also discussed; as the company is planning on introducing many ternary new combination solutions for various crop problems like powdery mildew in grapes, Blasti & BPH control in Rice, early and late blight in potato & tomato, total weed care in sugarcane and maize, total weed care in soybean.

Elaborating more on the session, Raajan Ailawadhi said, “We take these opportunities as an unbiased platform for the exchange of ideas, and look forward to meeting our important stakeholders in personal interaction. This gives us a useful insight in taking future decisions, charting out a course for our product line and expanding our distribution network.”

About Best Agrolife Ltd.

Best Agrolife Ltd., founded in 1992, has been providing specialty product offerings to the Indian agrochemical sector and worldwide markets. Best Agrolife Ltd., a research-driven firm, seeks to provide high-quality, creative, and effective crop-protection and food safety solutions to our farmers while also serving the world via agriculture.

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