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BigHaat’s #MainBhiKisaan Campaign Aims to Empower Women Farmers

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
BigHaat’s #MainBhiKisaan
BigHaat’s #MainBhiKisaan

Bangalore, March 8 2021: BigHaat, India’s largest Agri-inputs digital marketplace platform has launched a nationwide campaign #MainBhiKisaan. Under this campaign, they aim to shed light on the contribution of women farmers in agriculture and also the need to empower them at the grassroots level.

According to a study, around 80 percent of farm work is undertaken by women in India. In spite of being involved right from preparation of land to selection of seeds to harvest, they have been an invisible force in agriculture. BigHaat with its aim of transforming the future of farmers recognizes the importance of women farmers.

Under this initiative, they have built a collection page especially for women farmer customers with high-quality agri-inputs, and are broadcasting customer stories and reviews of women farmers.

One of the major issues is the lack of physical accessibility of female farmers to various public spaces such as markets which are dominated by males. There is an urgent need to make communication and information easily accessible to women. To address this they also have built a BigHaat app with features like Kisaan Vedika, crop doctor, Kisaan Sandesh, and crop and pest care. This app opens up the necessary communication and information channels that female farmers could take most advantage of.

“The female farmers buying on our platform is only 5-10% and we want to change that and our platform could play a very crucial role in empowering those women.” says Sateesh Nukala, Co-founder & CEO of BigHaat.

They also have a Farm Advisory System (FAS) team which is an all-women-driven team working towards empowering not only farmers’ communities but also women farmers. BigHaat on this International Women’s day is celebrating women farmers through their #MainBhiKisaan campaign.

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