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Deepak Shah Received 'Hurun Most Respected Entrepreneurs Awards' for His Outstanding Contribution in Agriculture Sector

Sulphur Mills Limited is a more than 50-year-old company that has pioneered the development of specialised formulations that add value to agrochemicals. It is a major crop protection & speciality nutrition company with multiple manufacturing facilities in India. Deepak Shah, Chairman of SML Ltd., dedicated 50+ years of hard work to the agriculture industry and has been a farmer's saviour. He is a role model for entrepreneurs because of his courage, passion, and determination.

KJ Staff
SML Limited is a world-leading manufacturer of sulphur, with over 500 international patents, known for its technological excellence
SML Limited is a world-leading manufacturer of sulphur, with over 500 international patents, known for its technological excellence

Hurun India hosted the 10th edition of the 'Hurun Most Respected Entrepreneurs Awards' in Mumbai, in which many prominent industry figures participated. Deepak Shah, Chairman of Sulphur Mills Limited, was recognized for his outstanding contribution to agriculture.

In a brief interview, Shivam Dwivedi, Sr. Content Consultant at Krishi Jagran, spoke with Deepak Shah, also known as the 'Sulphur Man of India,' about his company's vision and the latest technologies on which his company is working, as well as how it is assisting the farming community.

“Its vision & aim is ‘To Solve Farmer’s Problems, Increase Their Crop Yield, and the Quality of Their Produce by Giving Them Very Innovative & Safe Products. Today, SML Limited is a world-leading manufacturer of sulphur, with over 500 international patents, known for its technological excellence,” said Deepak Shah.

"Our technical edge in advanced formulations enables us to cater to large, local & multinational companies. When it comes to new agrochemical processes, we place a high priority on R&D. We have established cutting-edge WDG (Water Dispersible Granule), CS, and manufacturing facilities,” he added.

When asked about SML Limited's operations and presence in India & abroad, he replied, "We currently have 1 manufacturing plants in Thane and 5 manufacturing sites at Panoli & vapi in Gujarat and are constantly looking to expand and bring our innovation to different parts of the country and around the world. Moreover, we have GLP Lab at Nerul in Navi Mumbai & Bio Assay Lab at Umargaon in Gujarat. As a global player, we are currently exporting to various markets in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Middle East, covering more than 110 countries across all continents.”

Shah thanked the jury members for considering him for the 'Hurun Most Respected Entrepreneurs Awards,' but he attributed his success to the entire SML Family, vendors, and suppliers who assisted him throughout the journey. He informed, “Hurun ranked us 504th out of 1200 top industrialists and entrepreneurs, with a valuation of Rs 3000 cr.”

Thereby, he explained about products based on new technologies while being asked about the newer technology on which SML Limited is working. The most famous examples are products based on 'Drycap Technology,' such as JUDWAA-G & CHLOCAPS. In case of CHLOCAPS, Pesticides are placed inside small-sized caps, so there is no skin exposure. Apart from this, it is based on slow-release technology, in which pesticides are released gradually, allowing it to protect crops from pests for up to 15 days.

IMARA, the world's first product that combines nutrients & insecticide, was recently developed by Sulphur Mills Ltd. These products are efficient and require a lower dosage of active ingredients, which helps to reduce residue and resistance incidents. Furthermore, these formulations are largely solvent-free, making them environmentally friendly & sustainable.

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