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Dhanuka Agritech Partners with Kimitec for Spain-Based Agri-Biotech Venture in India

Dhanuka Agritech and Kimitec join forces to explore new horizons in biological products for sustainable farming in India.

KJ Staff
Dhanuka Agritech has inked a 'Letter of Intent' Kimitec to delve into various business opportunities. (In Picture: MAAVi Innovation Center)
Dhanuka Agritech has inked a 'Letter of Intent' Kimitec to delve into various business opportunities. (In Picture: MAAVi Innovation Center)

Dhanuka Agritech, an agri-input company, has inked a 'Letter of Intent' with Spain-based biotech leader Kimitec. This collaboration aims to delve into various business opportunities, including the establishment of a joint venture and a research and development facility in India.

Exploring Biological Frontiers

Dhanuka Agritech and Kimitec are set to pioneer the development and commercialisation of biological products derived from natural molecules, utilising botany, microbiology, microalgae, and bioinformatics. These products, renowned for their sustainable attributes, promise enhanced crop protection, soil health, and plant nutrition, either stand-alone or in conjunction with conventional chemical solutions.

Visionary Partnership

Mr. Rahul Dhanuka, Joint Managing Director of Dhanuka Agritech, emphasised the company's commitment to delivering top-notch solutions to the Indian farming community.

“As part of our continuous effort to offer the best products and solutions to the Indian farming community, we have signed a non-binding Letter of Intent with Spain’s Kimitec to explore various business opportunities, including setting up a joint venture in India and an R&D facility, as well as the commercialisation of biological products. The demand for biological products is increasing globally, and we see an uptrend for these products in India too,” he stated

Kimitec's Expertise and Ambition

Kimitec, a biotech company and founder of MAAVi Innovation Center, one of Europe's largest biotech innovation hubs, brings its expertise to the partnership. Félix García, CEO of Kimitec, envisions changing global food production by collaborating with Dhanuka Agritech to introduce natural yet equally effective solutions to Indian farmers.

"As part of our mission to change the way food is produced globally, we have identified Dhanuka Agritech Ltd as a perfect partner to bring our natural yet as effective as chemicals solutions to farmers in India,” said Félix García, CEO of Kimitec.

Global Reach and Collaborations

Operating in over 100 countries, Kimitec collaborates with multinational corporations to develop and commercialize biological products for both B2B and B2C markets. Dhanuka Agritech, with existing ties to leading agrochemical companies from the US, Japan, and Europe, continues its pursuit of technological advancement and precision farming.

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