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Sunil Kohli Joins Kimitec as Country Manager, Embarking on a New Chapter in Agri-Biotechnology

Mr Sunil Kohli, a highly respected business strategist and industry veteran, has just announced his appointment as Country Manager at Kimitec, a renowned biotechnology company transforming the agricultural sector.

P. S. Saini
Sunil Kohli Joins Kimitec as Country Manager
Sunil Kohli Joins Kimitec as Country Manager

Mr Kohli's vast experience and visionary leadership will be invaluable in driving innovation and sustainable solutions in the field of plant nutrition and protection. This is an exciting development for the industry and promises to bring about positive change.

Kimitec, located in Vícar, Almería, is known for its innovative natural solutions that can compete with synthetic chemistry. Their solutions promote a balance between productivity, sustainability, and environmental and human health preservation. The company offers a wide range of products, including plant nutrition, plant protection, biopesticides, biostimulants, and agricultural research.

With more than 34 years of versatile commercial experience in India and significant Asian nations, Mr Kohli is all set to lead Kimitec's strategic expansion in the region. His visionary approach to business strategy development and profound knowledge of agri-input marketing make him an indispensable asset to the company.

Mr Kohli has had an impressive career, holding leadership positions at well-known organizations. He was the Business Head for Asia and India at Cropnosys India Pvt Limited, where he played a crucial role in expanding the business and building strategic partnerships. Before that, he was the Executive Director at FMC India Private Limited, where he oversaw sales, marketing, sourcing, and strategic business planning.

Mr Kohli obtained his BSc in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry with a specialization in Agronomy from GBPUA&T. His extensive educational background provides a strong foundation for his creative and all-encompassing approach to agri-biotechnology.

We want to congratulate Mr Sunil Kohli on his new position as Country Manager at Kimitec on behalf of Krishi Jagran Media Group. We are confident that his visionary leadership and commitment to sustainable agriculture will take the industry to new heights ​and pave the way for a greener, more prosperous future. Best of luck to him in his new role!

About Kimitec:

Kimitec is a top biotechnology research company committed to creating groundbreaking natural solutions for agriculture. They specialize in plant nutrition, plant protection, biopesticides, and biostimulants, with a strong emphasis on achieving a perfect balance between productivity, sustainability, and environmental and human health preservation. Established in 2007 and based in Vícar, Almería, Kimitec leads the charge in the agricultural biotechnology revolution, promoting positive change and cultivating a more sustainable future.

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