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Garuda Aerospace Drones to Support NDRF Rescue & Relief Operations in Earthquake-Hit Turkey

To help with the ongoing relief and rescue efforts in Turkey, which have left thousands dead and thousands missing, the NDRF has asked Garuda Aerospace to provide DGCA-approved drones for disaster management operations.

Shivam Dwivedi
Garuda Aerospace is deploying drones to support the ongoing rescue and relief operations.
Garuda Aerospace is deploying drones to support the ongoing rescue and relief operations.

On February 6, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck central Turkey, following three deadly earthquakes that struck Turkey & Syria. Over 4,000 people have been killed and thousands more have been injured as a result of the earthquakes, and the death toll is expected to rise as rescue efforts continue.


Garuda Aerospace will use their Droni Drone for surveillance in the most affected areas to identify where victims may be trapped under rubble piles, as well as a modified -Kisan Drone to transport emergency medicines, supplies, and food to victims.

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO, Garuda Aerospace said, “Garuda Aerospace has always stepped-up during crises and has created massive impact by deploying drones for various emergency situations. Given the current situation in Turkey, Garuda Aerospace is deploying drones to support the ongoing rescue and relief operations. As a citizen of India, I'm humbled to support the NDRF in times of need.”


Earlier, Garuda Aerospace deployed drones for rescue and relief operations to Chamoli glacier burst at Uttarakhand and played a huge role by supporting the locust control operation in Rajasthan. Garuda Aerospace used emergency drones to deliver medicine and vaccinations to hospitals during the pandemic by partnering with Swiggy.

Garuda drones have also helped a mountaineer rappel down a hill and have rescued a trekker. Garuda’s White Knight drones delivered medicines and vaccinations in Bengaluru hospitals for ISRO in 2021.

PM Narendra Modi simultaneously flagged 100 Kisan drones across India, with live tracking, data collection, and processing. Since the pandemic, Garuda Aerospace has been NDRF's preferred drone partner. Garuda Aerospace, which has 400 drones and over 500 pilots spread across 84 cities, is prepared to respond to a variety of emergencies.


Former captain of India's national cricket team Mahendra Singh Dhoni unveiled a camera drone called Droni at The Global Drone Expo in Chennai and became the firm’s Brand Ambassador as well.


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