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PedalStart Announces Launch of Agcubator, An Initiative for Agri-Tech Start-Ups

The Agcubator will provide selected startups with mentorship from prominent domain experts. The cohort brings together some of the most innovative minds in agriculture and technology to drive sector innovation and growth.

Shivam Dwivedi
Agcubator, a platform to support Agri-tech startups industry.
Agcubator, a platform to support Agri-tech startups industry.

Agcubator is the latest initiative for Agri-Tech-based start-ups from PedalStart, a Gurugram-based startup that operates on a hybrid model of incubators and accelerators. This programme is a cohort designed to bring together Agri-Tech startups from around the world under one platform. The cohort will assist start-ups in growing and developing within the ecosystem.

Nitin Jain, Co-Founder & CEO of Of’Business, Sanjay Sacheti, Country Head- India of Olam Agri, Varun Khurana, Founder & CEO of Otipy, Vamsi Udayagiri, Founder & CEO of Hesa and others are on boarded as mentors who will bestow the startups with their experiences and support.  Agritech Expert & Angel Investor, Ramakrishnan M would be joining the cohort as Programme Lead and put in his valuable insights in this 6 week's cohort. 

Manas Pal, Co-Founder, PedalStart, said, “After the success of our previous cohort, Zero-to-One, which was a cohort structured for early-stage startups from different domains, and now we are ready to launch another cohort, Agcubator, a platform to support Agri-tech startups industry. The cohort will be a platform for startups to revolutionize their journey in the shadow of domain experts. We are looking forward to onboarding startups from the domain to seed and accelerating their journey.

Twenty startups will embark on a 6-week journey with Agcubator after undergoing a thorough 3-stage screening process. The process begins with registering on the waiting list, followed by a review of the application, and finally, a connection with the analysts for onboarding.

The cohort will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to network with industry experts, investors, and other startups across the globe, which will be a potential source for partnerships and collaborations.

The cohort is open to taking applications from different sectors of Agri-tech like Agbiotech, Precision Agriculture / Farm Management Software, Robotics / Hardware Solutions / Farm Infrastructure / Farm Mechanization / Farm Automation, Food quality / Safety / Traceability, Processing, Logistics & Warehousing, Animal Related, Agrifintech, and few others.

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