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Plant Based Dairy Start Up Goodmylk Raises Rs 7.3 cr in Seed Round Extension

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

The concept of veganism is a growing and there are many products that took off commercially and are doing great globally and nationally. Vegan milks are in trend these days and are considered to be much more nutritious and flavorful than the regular milk. Milk from cows and other animals are considered as a product from animal cruelty.

Vegan milk like almond milk, coconut milk etc. were always there but people never preferred it because they never gave importance to it and generally went under the assumption that cattle milk is the best. There are some top Indian Brands that have Vegan Milk

GoodMylk is an Indian plant based dairy startup that deals with vegan alternatives of dairy products like peanut curd, vegan butter, vegan mayonnaise, oat milk and cashew milk too. It was founded by Abhay Rangan, a 19 year old vegan activist in 2016 along with his mother Veena in Bengaluru. The company came into working with several other team members and therefore made it to the top ranks by 2018. Goodmylk is in News now because it has raised Rs 7.3 crore in an extension of their seed round. This brings the company’s total capital raised till date to $1.8 million.

Goodmylk has already expanded to cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai, in addition to strengthening operations in Bengaluru. The funds of 7.2 Crore will be used towards expanding their product portfolio and distribution, in an attempt to make plant-based dairy functional and accessible to all in India. The Plant based food sector is a very rapidly growing area of entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. Dozens of companies across the country are entering the space, mirroring the global landscape and driven by rising Indian demand for sustainable foods. 

Nowadays a large majority of people are health-conscious, and informed about their food choices, and hence the demand for plant based products. Goodmylk will definitely help scale the the consumers of India by their choices in products that are sustainable and ethical.

At present with Indigenous crops like, there is sure to be a growing demand for these plants based dairy products as well. Companies like Goodmylk are very good in indulging many creative products and are helping transforming the choices of food preferences of the consumers and we are glad to see that there are investors who are glad to become part of their journey.

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