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Vegan Milk is now in Indian Market as Top Brands Start Producing it

The concept of veganism has widely approached and has spread to almost all the food industries starting from vegan burgers to vegan meat. One more food option which could be veganised is Milk. Top brands in India have also started producing good quality began milk products.

Prity Barman

As per the growing food trends across the world, one famous trend we all have heard of is Veganism. By far the concept of veganism has widely approached and has spread to almost all the food industries starting from vegan burgers to vegan meat. One more food option which could be veganised is Milk. Yes, Milk from cows and other animals are considered as a product from another act of animal cruelty and extreme confinement, therefore many huge companies started the campaign of substituting the cattle milk to other source of natural milk like soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk etc. As claimed by many vegan brands, vegan milks are also much more nutritious and flavourful than the regular milk. 

Now, the thought may arise that all these products of vegan milk came after the vegetarian concept got into trending but that wasn’t the case. Vegan milk like almond milk, coconut milk etc. were always there along with the cattle milk. Its just people didn’t give much importance to it.  

Much later after the vegan culture came into existence that these products sales took off making it the most commercially valued product.  In Indian market there are some such top brands that have products regarding Vegan Milk. Let’s get into the details and some comparison of these companies. 

1. Urban platter: It’s a private company established by two brother’s Chirag Kenia and Dhaval Kenia in 2015 in Mahim West, Mumbai. This company basically has an aim to provide the Indian citizens with all kind of ingredients from every corner of the world, required by us for food, health or diet. One of the major fields that they deal is Vegan products specially the Milk which is basically plant-based. 

The urban platter as of 2020 deals with unsweetened almond milk, soya milk, coconut milk as a vegan alternative for diary milk. This company claims that their almond milk is high in proteins, lactose free and low in fat and also provides 40% more calcium than the regular dairy milk. The special ingredient used for the milk production is the almond nuts from California. The cost of 1 L packet of this almond milk is Rs. 220 

2. GoodMylk:  It is a completely vegan based product selling company, founded by Abhay Rangan, a 19 year old vegan activist in 2016 along with his mother Veena in Bengaluru. The company came into working with several other team members and therefore made it to the top ranks by 2018. The company basically deals with vegan alternatives of dairy products like peanut curd, vegan butter, vegan mayonnaise and different milk. 

The vegan milk produced by this company are oat and cashew based and are available in the market at a reasonable price too. The main aim of this company is to introduce vegan products to Indian people on a very reasonable price. 

3.Karma Milk Pvt. Ltd.:  This Company produces vegan or plant based dairy products under the brand name of “Nutriva”. The company is established at Vadodra, Gujarat. This company also deals with Vegan milk like Almond milk, peanut Buttermilk etc. All of these products have a market selling price ranging from Rs. 35 to 65 per packet only which is the lowest till date. However, the customers have to order in bulk like 1 box (8 packs per box). 

4.So Good: It’s a brand released by the Life Health Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd. which is considered as the leading plant based or vegan beverage manufacturer in India. This company was established in Mumbai in the year 2013 and now is spread to almost 17 different cities in India. 

This brand offers vegan milk made up of either natural soy beans or almond nuts and is of various flavors like chocolate, coconut etc. This milk are said to be richer in calcium and other Vitamins like Vitamins A, B1 & D. these are also lower in cholesterol and salt. The product cost around Rs. 70 per packet which is also quite reasonable. 

Conclusion: Till date there is many more such large scale or small-scale companies with the vegan Milk products, which are much more affordable and interesting. These new products have an aim which should be respected as well as promoted. People in India can now become fully vegan and also afford veganism ideally because of all such great initiative started by the above-mentioned companies. Having a plant-based option and also helping lakhs of such small farmers with such ideas is commendable.  

One last question that arises is Will Vegan Milk take up the place of normal dairy milk industry? Will bigger brands of the normal dairy milk be replaced by such vegan milk companies in the near future. 

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