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Plantix’s Digital Solutions Improve Small-Scale Farming and Agri-Retail Businesses

KJ Contributor
KJ Contributor
Agri-Retail Business
Agri-Retail Business

Digital transformation is rapidly taking over the Indian agriculture sector and Plantix is a front-runner in leading this transformation. What makes this startup stand apart is their mission to connect small-scale farmers and suppliers in one digital ecosystem with customised solutions, reliable products and trusted services. Plantix achieves this with two free apps, the Plantix app and the Plantix Partner app. 

The Plantix FREE app for small-scale farmers 

The Plantix app https://plantix.farm/aLou is designed especially for small-scale farmers. It is available in 150 countries and 18 different languages.  

A simple photo upload functionality allows a farmer to get a free diagnosis and treatment suggestion based on a photo of their sick crop. This app provides the best possible solution available from the agri-retailers nearby. The value of this app for small-scale farmers is tremendous. Farmers gain agricultural knowledge, control their work and save their harvest. Plus, the app is free, reliable and transparent in every step. 

The Plantix Partner app for agri-retailers 

Plantix Partner https://plantix.biz/KJ app allows agri-retailers to find all agri-input products within seconds! It saves time and money, as agri-retailers don’t have to call to find the best products at fair prices.  

The app operates in eight Indian states. It connects over 40,000 retailers, delivering over 40 brands and 1000+ products. It is an impressive number that grows daily! 

The app also provides many benefits for agri-retailers, such as a wide range of products, free delivery and no minimum order quantity. A big plus of this digital network are promotional schemes and discounts available to all users for all purchases. A product checkout is a simple e-commerce transaction, creating a faster and trustworthy shopping experience. At the end of the process, all billing requirements are done online as a quick and digital transaction, putting an agri-retailer at ease. 

Plantix credit  

A hero feature of this app is Plantix credit. It offers online financial support to agri-retailers for better cash management. An agri-retailer can avail credit up to INR 5 lakh on the app with zero process fees. It enables retailers to buy products from Plantix partners and pay later as per their convenience. The entire process is digital and fast with minimum documentation required.  

Plantix is one of the first startups offering this type of credit to support agri-retailers and help them increase their business. With great features like this, Plantix is creating a more integrated farming network and better supportive digital system for fairer sustainable farming and better agri-business outcomes in India. 

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