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ReshaMandi Launches Its Super App for iOS Devices

ReshaMandi is India’s first and largest farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem for the natural fibre supply chain. The company began with a focus on silk and has diversified by adding other natural fibres to its portfolio such as cotton, jute, coir and banana.

Shivam Dwivedi
ReshaMandi’s Founder and CEO, Mayank Tiwari
ReshaMandi’s Founder and CEO, Mayank Tiwari

ReshaMandi, the largest farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem for natural fibres in India, recently launched its app for iOS devices. Presently, 34,000 stakeholders of ReshaMandi have installed the app, with 40% of them using the app’s payment system and receiving payment acknowledgments on the app. The iOS app is available in five Indian languages – Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi, besides English. 

Currently, 95% of ReshaMandi’s broad farmer base is using the app to map the transactions on the platform. The weaver community has listed over 5000 saree SKUs on the app and can directly connect and distribute to the giant retailer base. The support on the app has now expanded to four broad categories; Sarees, Apparel, Home & Living and Fabric.

ReshaMandi’s Founder and CEO, Mayank Tiwari said, “The combination of financial technology and digitization has resulted in a new development model for the textile industry. We are actively working towards bringing transparency in the supply chain through digitization.”

“We have aimed to build a super app that assists all stakeholders, including spinners, ginners, farmers, mills, and distributors, in having access to enterprise-like functionalities and being able to purchase and sell through one platform. We are delighted that our stakeholders across the value chain understand and utilize the Reshamandi app.” 

Since its inception in 2020, ReshaMandi’s app has witnessed increased participation from farmers, reelers, yarn manufacturers, weavers, and retailers. The level of engagement the app has seen over two years indicates ReshaMandi’s ongoing efforts to empower stakeholders and provide them with a more excellent range of business opportunities. Through the app, 20,000 tonnes of the cocoon, 1500 tonnes of raw cotton, 6000 tonnes of cotton bales, 8 lakh sarees, 5 lakh apparel and 150 lakh metres of fabric have been sold and transacted.

ReshaMandi works with 60,000 farmers, more than 10,000 weavers, 7,500+ yarn manufacturers, and 3500 retailers in the entire natural fibre supply chain to improve productivity, boost their bottom line, and eventually be instrumental in transforming the quality of their lives. 

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