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Sonalika Sells 10,756 tractors in July 2021

Sonalika has maintained its development trajectory established in Q1 of FY22, with a strong result of 10,756 overall tractor sales in July of this year.

Chintu Das
Sonalika Tractor Manufacturing Plant
Sonalika Tractor Manufacturing Plant

Sonalika Tractors has capitalized on its solid momentum to post another outstanding result in FY'22, after posting an unparalleled Q1 performance. Sonalika, India's fastest-growing brand and the country's top exporter, sold 10,756 total tractors in July, a 5.2 percent increase over the previous month. 

The monsoon has put on a spectacular display across the nation for the second year in a row, providing relief to the rural economy, which is heavily reliant on rainfall for good agri-sector output. Sonalika's strong performance is fueled by its new-age tractor lineup, which is packed with cutting-edge technology to help farmers achieve farm success. 

As it stays closely connected with farmers in 130 countries around the world, Sonalika has a strong understanding of rural topography and crop-specific demands. The company's unique strategy motivates it to create customized tractors and implements, which are produced at Sonalika's world-class tractor production plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. 

Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group said, “Sonalika's DNA to keep farmers' needs at the core and innovate proactively to tackle the issues they confront has led us to register this great performance. I'd like to express my gratitude to farmers for their unwavering trust in our specialized heavy-duty tractor line. We have grown stronger and faster as a result of this faith, with overall tractor sales of 10,756 in July 21. The monsoon has put on a strong show across the country, and with farmers' agri-requirements changing on a regular basis, demand for modern tractors with customized crop-centric solutions is on the rise. Sonalika Tractors is ready to unveil updated tractors with cutting-edge innovations that will revolutionize the industry and help farmers make more money. We will continue to be No. 1 in introducing the most new products in FY'22, and we will continue to be No. 1 in increasing farmer productivity and income.” 

“Farmers are like family to us, and we must treat them with respect. In comparison to their urban counterparts, youngsters in rural communities frequently lack access to updated educational resources. We used this information to launch our new ‘Sonalika e-Gurukul' infotainment channel on YouTube. This channel has been created specifically for rural kids to educate them with intriguing facts and knowledge while also expanding their imagination. We are committed to bringing exciting and fascinating ways of learning to children through Sonalika e-Gurukul in order to assure their mental and emotional development”, he added.

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