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Sulphur Mills Committed Towards Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety amid Lockdown

In midst of the nationwide lockdown, when the whole world is suffering due to corona crisis, it’s the Mother Nature which is healing itself gradually. This crisis is a lesson for all human which has taught us to love and respect the supreme power of nature.

Pronami Chetia

In the midst of the nationwide lockdown, when the whole world is suffering due to corona crisis, it’s the Mother Nature which is healing itself gradually. This crisis is a lesson for all human which has taught us to love and respect the supreme power of nature. 

Hence, on the occasion of the World environment day, Sulphur Mills Ltd. group of companies has united together with the mission of celebrating their commitment towards sustainability, environmental health and safety.  

“Sustainability being our group’s value system; this day was specially dedicated by the team to commemorate Sulphur Mills Ltd. group sustainability commitment across different states of India”, says the leading crop protection agrochemical company of India. 

As per reports, the sole objective was to create awareness among the farming community; on improved agriculture practice with an emphasis on the “judicious use of crop protection chemicals” and “balanced nutrition management” A day solely dedicated to our food producers the “Farmers of our country”. 

“This day is very close to our heart and we stand committed towards the entire spectrum of the farming community, large or small. Reap brand has introduced several patented products in the nutrient and crop protection segment, with much higher use efficiencies, resulting in better performance at a lower dosage.  We are highly grateful for the immense support that we got from our farmers, channel partners, the agriculture community and our team”, says Sulphur Mills representatives. 

About Sulphur Mills 

Sulphur Mills Limited, established in 1960, is one of the foremost crop protection Agrochemical Companies in India, having multi-locational Manufacturing Plants in India at Mumbai & Gujarat. Sulphur Mills is one of the Largest Manufacturer of Sulphur in the World and offers unique formulations, including Combinations. In addition to Sulphur, Sulphur Mills is reckoned worldwide as a One-Stop-Manufacturer for providing innovative and high value-added specialized formulations in Agrochemicals.  

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