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TAFE Launches New DYNATRACK Series Best Suited for Agriculture & Haulage

TAFE - Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, manufacturers of Massey Fergusontractors has launched its new DYNATRACK Series – an advanced range of tractors that offer dynamic performance, sophisticated technology, unmatched utility & versatility, all engineered into a single powerful tractor.

Abha Toppo

TAFE - Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, manufacturers of Massey Fergusontractors has launched its new DYNATRACK Series – an advanced range of tractors that offer dynamic performance, sophisticated technology, unmatched utility & versatility, all engineered into a single powerful tractor. 

TAFE’s proven engineering expertise of more than 60 years and its deep knowledge and understanding of Indian agriculture has helped create a no-compromise premium range of tractors for both agriculture and haulage. 

The new DYNATRACK series will deliver greater productivity while ensuring good mileage, durability & comfort. The DYNATRACK’s DynaLIFT® hydraulics system moves the tractor to the top of its segment by providing superior lift capacity, productivity and speed, which lasts a lifetime.  

DYNATRACK - world’s first tractor with VersaTECH™ technology provides an extendable wheelbase that makes it ideally suitable for agricultural, haulage & commercial applications for around-the-year usage. It gives maximum ground clearance, making it best in class for all-terrain operations including puddling & easy crossing of bunds. In addition, it’s longer wheelbase and the stylish heavy-duty front bumper augment the overall look of the tractor and provides more stability, while handling heavy-duty equipment such as loaders and dozers with ease. 

The ‘Biggest All Rounder Tractor’ is powered by the proven Simpson engine, a hallmark of excellence for powerful & fuel-efficient engines. With DynaTRANS™ transmission, comes the Dual Diaphragm clutch, 24 Speed ComfiMesh® gearbox with Super Shuttle™ technology that offers better operator comfort, superior ergonomics and the choice to select the right speed for every application on the go. 

The superior and extremely popular 4-in-1 Quadra PTO™ of the DYNATRACK series maximizes the versatility of the tractor for use throughout the year for all stationary and dynamic applications, making it more profitable.  

Launching the DYNATRACK series CMD of TAFE, Mallika Srinivasan said, “The DYNATRACK Series from TAFE sets new benchmarks in the tractor industry by offering utility and versatility, comfort and safety, productivity and efficiency, to meet the ever-evolving needs and aspirations of modern-day farmers and rural entrepreneurs, empowering them with superior technology and advantages that enrich their lives and livelihood.” 

With the introduction of the DYNATRACK series,TAFE redefines the benchmarks in its class & demonstrates the prowess of Indian engineering at its best. 

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