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Thomas Jacob Elected as New Chairman of Tea Trade Association of Cochin

Thomas Jacob of Poabs Enterprises was elected as the new Chairman of the Tea Trade Association of Cochin during its 29th annual general meeting.

Chintu Das
Thomas Jacob
Thomas Jacob

Thomas Jacob of Poabs Enterprises was elected as the new Chairman of the Tea Trade Association of Cochin during its 29th annual general meeting. The association's new Vice-Chairman is Dharmesh R. Nagada.

During the general meeting, the Tea Trade Association of Cochin has also expressed concerns about the implementation of the Japanese auction system, claiming that “it now threatens to alter the flavour of the tea trade, even if the flavour of tea stays unchanged.” 

“We have cause to be discouraged by this trial, which has nothing to do with reality,” said Appu Kurian, the TTAC's outgoing chairman. 

He stated the auction method is based on its value as a price discovery mechanism and resolving the flow in the channel from the bush to the cup, when speaking at the 29th annual general meeting. According to him, a method that looks to do away with conventional acceptance of the highest offer cannot possibly be in line with the goal. 

“We encourage the Tea Board to revisit this idea so that constructive conversations with stakeholders may result in a reformulation that is perfect for us,” he added. 

Tea Trade Association Of Cochin 

The TEA Trade Association of Cochin is a non-govt organisation founded on December 23, 1992. It's an unlisted public business that's designated as a 'company limited by guarantee.' 

The company's authorised capital is Rs 0.0 lakhs, and its paid-up capital is also Rs 0.0 lakhs. According to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the company's financials were last updated on March 31, 2017. 

TEA Trade Association OF Cochin has been in the community, personal, and social services business for the past 29 years, and the company is still operational. 

Company is registered in ROC-Ernakulam (Kerala) Registrar Office. TEA Trade Association OF Cochin registered address is Tea Trade Centre Indira Gandhi Road Willingdon Island Ernakulam KL 682003 IN. 

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