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UPL Wins Prestigious CII Industrial IP Award 2021 for Third Consecutive Year

UPL Ltd. a global provider of sustainable agriculture products and solutions has won the prestigious Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Industrial IP Award 2021 for the third consecutive year.

Abin Joseph
Jai Shroff, Global CEO, UPL Limited
Jai Shroff, Global CEO, UPL Limited

UPL Ltd. a global provider of sustainable agriculture products and solutions has won the prestigious Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Industrial IP Award 2021 for the third consecutive year.

The award is aimed at recognizing and celebrating enterprises that have embraced the IP generation and protection to fuel their business and economic growth. UPL Ltd. has always put the farmers’ needs first and create products and services around fulfilling their requirements. 

UPL has won the award in the category of Patents - Large enterprises (Life Science, Agriculture). Its strong R&D prowess has helped UPL to reach a successful innovation rate of 21% in FY 2021, up from 20.8% in FY 2020. Examples of UPL’s major research and innovation include sustainable products and solutions such as Zeba and and Pronutiva which have proven successful at the grassroot level. UPL also won the Clarivate South and South East Asia Innovation Awards 2021 in the agribusiness category at the Innovation Forum held by Clarivate Plc. 

Dr. Vishal A. Sodha, Global IP Head accepted the award at a Virtual CII Industrial IP Award 2021 Ceremony held on 26th Nov, 2021 on behalf of UPL. He stated “We continuously strive to address farmer pain points such as by providing new techniques for resistance management. At UPL, our focus is to provide farmers with future-ready and sustainable products including efficient utilization of the natural resources and adapting and building resilience to climate change. With conducive work environment and state-of-the-art R&D, we nurture innovation to safeguard UPL's standing as a corporate unique entity. UPL holds over 1400 granted patents and about 3000 pending applications that satisfy farmers’ needs across geographies.”  

Jai Shroff, Global CEO, UPL Limited, said “While we are humbled by the honor of receiving this award, we are proud to share that this is the third consecutive year in which we have received this commendable recognition.

This award is a testament to our spirit of innovation, and we remain deeply committed towards developing new and improved products and services and deliver the highest results to all our stakeholders. UPL is a pioneer of providing innovative and sustainable agricultural products and solutions and we hope to keep building on our legacy.”  

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