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Farmer Friendly Technology and Solution to Excel the Quality of Life

Basavraj girnewar

Criyagen is pioneer in developing bio-chemical products for comprehensive crop nutrition. The bio-chemical product is sought after by farmers for enhanced crop productivity and soil-plant health.

The company is working towards enterprising new ideas and taking them to domestic and global markets. These new initiatives need a concerted effort from farmers, agri-business entities, entrepreneurs and policy makers, in this direction Criyagen is leading new initiatives and creating multitude of opportunities.

Criyagen developed a wide range of products to give farmer the confidence to grow more with low cost and high quality eco-friendly products. The innovative products are the result of the constant improvement. The R&D Department at Criyagen seeks new solution to existing problem with keeping farmers need and sustainability in mind.

Currently Criyagen is developing smart technologies to produce more crop yield per unit area while improving the ecosystem. Company believes in R&D evolved, problem specific products that lead to sustainable ecosystem – and making a difference – now and in the future.

The Krishi Jagran Team interacted with Shri Basavraj Girnewar, MD of Criyagen to know his successful business mantra in the field of the bio-chemicals and the crop nutrients for the Farmers to lead a quality life.

How Criyagen is a Friend of Farmer ?

Criyagen is a life science company with the mission to deliver low cost, eco-friendly inputs for sustainable agriculture and develop carbon neutral energy means for better tomorrow. We are focusing on INM & IPM to increase crop yield & reduce soil health problems.

What is Main Vision of Criyagen Products & Smart Technology?

The main vision is “To empower farmers and associates as Entrepreneurs in Achieving our Mission” and also to produce & supply eco-friendly products to increase production and productivity while enhancing the soil health and also to produce quality products.

What Type of Initiatives Criyagen is Planning in Rural Development?

Taking of field demonstrations, guiding farmers to follow Integrated Nutrient Management in crop production and protection to get best yield and quality crops. Creative awareness at village level.

What is Agri App & Its Benefits Thereof?

Agri App is a revolutionary Android mobile application. It enables farmers to access large pool of relevant information related to agriculture.

The Benefits are -

  • Complete information on company aspects are available.
  • Enables farmers, dealers, experts and enthusiasts to get registered with the App and stay connected with Criyagen.
  • Helps in getting package of practices of the desired crop and complete information on that.
  • In chat section the farmers can directly chat to the experts where they will get suitable solutions for their problems related to crop production and protection.
  • In case farmers wants to talk to experts in seeking solutions for crop related problems they can call to customer care number.
  • Number of videos are available in the App where it can be viewed in presence of internet connection.
  • Daily news updates on Agricultural aspects are available.
  • Enables the users to order Criyagen products.

What is Market Reach of your Products in India?

  • We are associated with distributors, dealers and Co-operative societies. We are expanding Criyagen product portfolio to reach our products to farmers.

  • Through AgriApp online we shall reach PAN India and we are the first to go online to entire range of crop nutrition and crop protection. Currently our reach is in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andrapradesh, Maharashtra and starting operations in Haryana & Punjab.

 What are Current Challenges in Industries?

  • Lack of information & Right Technology @ Right time.

  • Lack of scientific information with trade channel & end users.
  • Low productivity and increased pest and disease.
  • Erratic monsoons and limited irrigation infrastructure.
  • Market volatility when produce carry to the market.

Being a South based Company, what are the Future Plans in India & for overseas Markets?

We initiated our operation from Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) R&D center to reach northern farmers. We are planning to focus on Haryana & Punjab states to begin with.

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