Krishi Rasayan is Keen to Become Most Renowned Agro-chemical Company across the Globe: Suresh Reddy

Mr. Suresh Reddy
Mr. Suresh Reddy

Q1. Tell me something about Krishi Rasayan

A1. Krishi Rasayan is one of the oldest entities, which have been in India for around 5 decades. In the next 2 years we will be celebrating our Golden Jubilee. Our company has a good presence in pan India. We currently have around 8 manufacturing facilities and very soon we will commence one new manufacturing facility in Gujarat which will have 38,000 tons production capacity. By this, we will expand our business into the exports in various geographies. 

In addition, we will be opening our office in Mumbai for the international operations. We are also working to launch products to avoid BPH on Rice and white fly in cotton, few of such products are already launched. For this season, we will launch our own “proprietary " mixture for the control of BPH in Rice.

Apart from that in INDIA climate change is there and we listen about the Monsoon is delayed; in this situation how do we address the abiotic stress in the crop protection. We need to focus on the plantsas well as Soil health products. We are seriously working on the technology driven Bio products with a Spain based company called Alga Energy, which can make the crop survive and give the better yields even in the unfavorable conditions.  We will also be launching nutritional based products which are highly customized so as to avoid wastage in the soil. 

We are tied up with various other companies in terms of co-marketing and B2B alliances. In India, we have good alliance with 2 fertilizer giants including Coromandel International. Apart from that, we have also started our own retail outlets in the name of SANKALP, which are very different from other retail outlets providing N2N solutions to the farmers. 


Q2. What is Krishaj? 

A2.  Krishaj is our brand umbrella which works on the theme to help farmers. It is a symbol of quality and service to the farmers.  

Q3. What are the goals of Krishi Rasayan? 

A3. Our company, Krishi Rasayan has big goals. We want to grow almost by 3x in the next five years. We want to be the most renowned agro-chemical and agricultural company across the globe. Currently we are known in India and now we want to improve our footprints in the global market. Our complete philosophy is based on, think locally and act globally. 

Q4. How far are you successful in satisfying your customers? 

A4. Across the geographies at the farmer level the products of Krishi Rasayan are greatly acceptable as they give the desired quality and the service which we give. We have almost 1000 plus extension staff reaching out to the farmers. Our products are available across pan India in more than 4000 outlets. 

Krishi Rasayan
Krishi Rasayan

Q5. Who is your role model to whom you look upon? 

A5. In India there are many players who have demonstrated what is India for the global market, be it the IT industry like Infosys, Wipro or the automotives. They have made India shining in the global market.  

Q6. What are your plans to expand internationally? 

A6. We are going to put more focus on the exports in the international markets by developing our brand business. As Mumbai is the hub, keeping this view in mind we will inaugurate our office there in this month. 

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