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5 Important Do’s and Don’t after getting COVID-19 Vaccine

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
COVID 19 Vaccine
COVID 19 Vaccine

India will be starting its third phase of the COVID-19 vaccination drive on May 1 for all above age of 18 years. There are many rumours and fake news is going around about the Coronavirus vaccine in social media, creating fear in the minds of people. Don’t worry, vaccines are safe, Go ahead!

1. Don’t Panic about COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects:

If you are feeling anxious and worry about the side effects of vaccine, there’s no need to worry according to doctors and it’s safe and working. But it’s also true that you might get chills, muscle aches, fever and fatigue as side effects of vaccine. But it’s a good sign as it shows that your immune system is mounting a resistance to the virus. And it is completely normal and there is no need to be panic about. According to the pharmacist, first dose of vaccine primes the immune response and then produce antibodies that will know how to fight the real thing.

During second dose, you already have some level of protection from the antibodies to the spike protein target of the vaccine. This allows your immune system to respond more strongly and quickly to the vaccine, which can lead to more inflammation as response. It’s a sign that your immune system is working to provide protection against the virus.

2. Take Rest & Stay Hydrated:

After taking the dose of vaccine, it is advised to take rest. Sleep is an important factor to immune system functioning well, so make sure you get enough rest after dose. It is also advised to drink plenty of water and other fluidic diet as it can also help mitigate discomfort from fever and other side effects. If you don’t start feeling better after a few days, then you should go ahead and consult your doctor.

3. Use or Exercise your Vaccine Arm:

Muscle soreness at the injection site is an especially common vaccine side effect. Therefore, it is advised for your vaccine arm to move, use or little bit exercise as often as possible. In addition to not letting it get too stiff, you can also lessen pain by applying a clean, cool, wet washcloth over the area.

4. Do keep your Vaccination Card- No Need to Post it on Social Media:

As proof of vaccination is starting to be required at certain travel destinations, and number of apps have been developed to digitize the whole process. Therefore, what you shouldn’t do is share a photo of it on social media. It make easier for scammers to forge their own cards, but it also makes you more vulnerable to identity theft- even basic details.

5. Don’t Stop Wearing your Mask in Public:

Face masks and physical distancing will need to continue into the foreseeable future. Those who are fully vaccinated should also continue to avoid medium and large gatherings and those who are not vaccinated are considered high-risk. Therefore, it is advised that you should absolutely keep wearing your mask and practice social distancing in all public places.

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