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Designer Face Masks as Fashion Symbol

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Designer Face Masks as Fashion Symbol

During recent “Mann Ki Baat” Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi made two appeals to people of India – one, to wear face masks as a precaution in the times to come and secondly, to avoid spitting in public places. Modi said it would help India fight against Coronavirus pandemic.

He said “In the changed paradigm due to Coronavirus, masks are becoming a part of our lives. We were never used to seeing so many people around us in the masks, but we are getting used to that reality. However, it does not mean that all those wearing a mask are sick.”

PM said that masks will become a symbol of cultured society. “If you want to save yourself and others from disease, you will have to wear a mask. My simple suggestion to everyone is to use a Gamchha or a towel to cover the face.”

As the world is tackling the covid 19 pandemic seriously, the first thing is the lockdown. For the last so many months the need of the hour is isolation, hand sanitizer, mask and other such necessities which are important for the medical professionals, the gowns and head gears.

Social distancing and the masks are very important. The cloth face coverings [can be] fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost. To overcome the shortage of the masks, most leading labels across the globe have converted their factories and ateliers from couture heavens to humanitarian base camps that produce all the equipment medical professionals will need to fight the corona virus.

The surgeon general discouraged Americans from buying masks to protect from COVID-19 transmission, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention started recommending that Americans wear masks to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

It was the type of about-face that has characterized the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, one that has been marked by mixed messaging, the promotion of dangerous misinformation, and a bumbling incompetence more suggestive of a Benny Hill sketch than a federal government task force. Above all else, it prompted people to flock online by the millions to comb through a now-limited supply of masks — and garment manufacturers have been all too happy to meet demand.

Although the CDC notes that “cloth face coverings [can be] fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost,” there is no shortage of pricey options from brand names all over the internet. You can buy a five-pack double-ply cotton coverings from the LA-based brand Sanctuary for $29.99, available in such patterns as floral, leopard print, and camouflage. You can buy a 3-ply French lace face mask from Maison Modulare for $60, or a Chantilly lace face mask from the bridal designer Katie May for $45 (that “gives everyone ALL THE FEELS,” per its promotional copy — with “all the feels” presumably not including the cough and fever characteristic of the novel coronavirus). For comparison, a box of 50 face masks from CVS costs about $12.49, or about 25 cents per mask, though these were hoarded fairly early on in the pandemic and are virtually impossible to find.

These days even the TV Channels are also alluring viewers to send selfie with their home made mask. The different style, colour and presentation has created the race of fashion. The mask, though it is necessity has become the fashion icon also. Ms Sarika Gharu, a science communicator had suggested the mask as a part of the school dress.

Many establishments started manufacturing /stitching the simple three ply cotton mask for distribution.

The chemist shops are having shortage of masks. The necessity is the mother of invention, that’s why people started using the handkerchief and Gamchha to cover the face utilizing as the mask. The fashion icons had also come up with the new design and utilizing the colourful cloth to cover the face and selling as designer masks. The future is of the designer masks from the Designer Ritu Kumar , Designer Nitya Bajaj and Entrepreneur Sonal Jindal founder and director Medusa with the Brand Name.

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