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How Much Water You Should Drink in a Day

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

Water is a must for everyone.  About 60-70% of our body is hydrated.  Water levels in brain cells are above 80.  Significant problems can occur in the body if you do not drink water.  Things that need to be expelled from the body can lead to health issues and even poisoning.

We cannot survive for two or three days without drinking water.  Water is needed for all the functions of the body.  Water is essential for the body's digestive and respiratory functions.  Similarly, the body's metabolic functions can only take place if there is enough water.  It is a well-known fact that stones in the bladder and kidneys are caused by not drinking enough water.

If the body needs water, it can cause dryness in the throat and mouth.  It is best to drink water before experiencing this to avoid conditions such as dehydration.

Studies show that people living in cold climates need to drink about 1.8 liters of water.  But in hot places like India you need to drink more than two liters of water.  If you are overweight or obese, you may need to increase your water intake.

Drinking water before meals will help you lose weight and fat.  If it is taken with food, the condition will continue.  If you drink water after a meal, the fat will increase.  Even though Ayurveda says so, it is better to drink water when you feel like it.  It is said that drinking a glass of  water before breakfast when you wake up in the morning is good for the health of the stomach.  In Japan, there is a treatment called hydrotherapy.  Researchers have found that hydrotherapy is good for your health.

Kids need water in their body just like adults do.  Many parents do not give their children enough water because they do not want to eat.  This is not good for their health.

If you do not drink enough water, you may start to experience acidity, constipation, heartburn and stomach ache.  Water is essential for the body to absorb the nutrients it needs.  Water is also essential for expelling wastes from the body.

If you do not drink enough water, it can even affect your mood.  Drinking water is essential to reduce stress and prevent depression early on.  If the body does not have the right amount of hydration, it can cause fatigue and tiredness.

Water also plays a role in hair growth.  You need to drink enough water to keep your skin healthy.  The root cause of problems like pimples is not having enough water in the body.

A group of scientists has said that drinking more water can adversely affect the functioning of the internal organs.  But medical science seems to have rejected this.  The fact is that if you do not drink water, you are more likely to get diseases.

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