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Benefits of Porridge Water for all kinds of Plants

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon
Porridge water

We need to realize the importance of porridge water as an organic fertilizer in this age of organic farming. Porridge water that we throw is an excellent fertilizer and pesticide. Porridge water alone is sufficient to accelerate the growth of the plant and repel the pests found in the plants. It is very beneficial to use fertilizers and pesticides with porridge water for plants and vegetables. No one should waste porridge water anymore. Everyone who is interested in farming should understand the importance of porridge water and use it effectively in your farm. Fermented porridge water alone is enough to produce a hundredfold yield on the farm.

Let's see how to make pesticides and fertilizers with porridge water.

Fermented porridge is a very effective method of spraying the plants with a little water and pouring it in the basin. Add 2 liters of fermented porridge water to 2 handfuls of neem cake and let it soak for 2 days. Add 20 gram of crushed garlic to the mixture and mix well with the neem cake. Then add a cup of water, extract the juice with cloth or sieve. Using this mixture twice a week can protect the plant from the attack of many pests such as whiteflies, aphids, moths and fungi found in the leaves. Take special care to spray this pesticide only in hot weather. Prefer brush or by hand to spray. After making this mixture, the waste is put in the plant bed and it is very good for the growth of the plant. Special care should be taken to pour a little more water after placing it in the plant bed.

We can make not only pesticides with porridge but also a good fertilizer at home. The porridge water from the previous day can be used for this purpose. Add a cup of water to the peanut hull and cover well soaked for a whole day. Add porridge and a little water and cover for 3 more days. Take special care to stir well every day. You can start using this fertilizer from the fourth day. As it is a strong fertilizer, at least ten times more water should be added for its use. After adding water to the mixture, only the clear water of it is poured on the plants. If it is a small plant, add at least 15-20 times more water. If water is not added, the plants are more likely to wither. When used in a grow bag or pot, it is sufficient to pour only when the soil is moist. Vegetables are more productive and flowering plants are more flowering.

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