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A New Survey Revealed Carrot As The Most Trusted Vegetable Of America

Just before the International Carrot Day, 4th April 2022, Popular Brand and one of the largest carrot suppliers and growers of America-Bolthouse farm have revealed its survey results recently.

Kritika Madhukar
Carrot Is The  First Solid Food Of Most Americans Babies
Carrot Is The First Solid Food Of Most Americans Babies

The brand explored the relationship between vegetables and citizens of America. Around 2000 Americans took part in the survey. According to the survey result, carrot is the most trusted vegetable in the country. It is also popular as baby food. 

Survey Data

69 percent of Americans prefer carrots over a dozen other vegetables, surpassing several of the carrot's competitors such as spinach which is at 55%, sweet potatoes at 53, and asparagus being at 50. Many participants fed carrots to their babies like the very first solid food. 

The carrot was the very first solid food fed to the babies of the participants according to the participants. On an average scale, carrots are also one of the most popular vegetables. 53% of Americans consume carrots as a meal or even as a snacking item. 

The Sr. Director, Ag Strategy, and Marketing head of Bolthouse farm, Adan Hellstern stated that the survey results support Bolthouse Farm's slogan i.e., we are farmers, we are innovators and we are carrots enthusiasts. 

As more people are turning to carrots for their nutritional profile and crunchiness, Bolthouse has discovered two main factors that are contributing to making carrots the lead vegetable and a snack across the country. 

1. Carrots are versatile- It contributes as a main factor to carrot's popularity among the American citizen. Carrots are a healthy snacking alternative. It is not only just a convenient food but is also a preferred choice of many.

2. They add color to the plate- The survey revealed that carrots are the choice of 74% of Americans to include in a vegetable tray. Carrots not just only add color but are super nutritious.

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