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Agriculture Department Introduces Poshaka Samriddhi Mission To Increase Millets & Vegetables Production

The Agriculture Department introduced the Poshaka Samriddhi Mission which is aimed at increasing millet and vegetable production during Chingam 1.

Vivek Singh
Representative image (Photo Courtesy: minister-agriculture.kerala.gov.in)
Representative image (Photo Courtesy: minister-agriculture.kerala.gov.in)

The Agriculture Department introduced the Poshaka Samriddhi Mission on Thursday, a new initiative aimed at increasing millet and vegetable production. Minister of Agriculture P. Prasad launched this effort during Farmers Day festivities on Chingam 1. The mission includes plans to raise millet production in Kerala to 3,000 tonnes and significantly increase protein-rich pulse production from 1,471 to 10,000 tonnes. Minister P. Prasad also revealed the logo of the Kerala Agro Business Company, inaugurated during the Farmers Day event in Thiruvananthapuram.

New Millet Processing Facilities 

The mission plans to establish six new millet processing facilities alongside the existing unit in Attappady. Collaboration with the ICAR-Indian Institute of Millet Research in Hyderabad is in the works, focusing on technology transfer and processing. The agriculture department aims to encourage the cultivation of pulses as a secondary crop in paddy fields. This year, the mission targets 2.5 million households to participate in cultivating vegetables and millet, with a goal of involving all households in the State by 2026. Despite increased vegetable production in Kerala, it still falls short of demand. The Poshaka Samriddhi Mission is designed to achieve its goals within the next three years.

Mr Prasad highlighted ongoing efforts to expand insurance coverage for a wider variety of agricultural crops due to the sector's vulnerability to natural disasters. The new insurance scheme will also encompass reduced yields caused by such events.

He officially inaugurated the Kerala Agro Enterprise Company (KABCO), established through a public-private partnership model approved by the Cabinet on August 2. KABCO aims to enhance agricultural product marketing, with the State government holding 33%, farmers holding 24%, and farmer collectives and cooperatives holding 25% of the company. Mr. Prasad also expressed the intention to increase the number of 'Krishikootams' in the State to 30,000 by 2026.

The State Farm Awards for the year 2022 were introduced by the agriculture minister during the event. Minister for Basic Schooling, V. Sivankutty, presided over the occasion. Other attendees included Transport Minister Antony Raju, Meals and Civil Provides Minister G.R. Anil, as well as various MLAs including V. Ok. Prasanth, D. Ok. Murali, I. B. Satheesh, Ok. Ansalan, M. Vijin, and Ok.D. Prasenan.

Additionally, district panchayat president D. Suresh Kumar, Agriculture Secretary and Agricultural Manufacturing Commissioner B. Ashok, along with senior officials from the agriculture division, were also present.

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